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Summit – 7 days to Vilnius

Time is short, talk is cheap / let's get you guys prepared for the trip.
Games Industry Law Summit
Summit – 7 days to Vilnius
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #47 • View online
Time is short, talk is cheap / let’s get you guys prepared for the trip.

Landing in Vilnius
8 people out of 193 haven’t communicated their flight details to us yet. Everyone else, take a cookie – well done!
62 people will land in Vilnius on or prior to April 30.
70 people will land in the morning of May 1.
That’s a lot of opportunities for lunches, dinners and beers!
If you’re not booked for the Judge Panel Dinner and the LC Team Dinner on April 30, but find yourself in town and ready for a drink – feel free to tweet at our account, and we’ll retweet for other followers.
Kempinski's Atelier Waives Its Corkage Fee
Shown on the photo above is Atelier – the boutique wine shop at the Summit’s venue, Grand Hotel Kempinski, headed by one of the best sommeliers in the world (in 2019’s championship in Antwerp, Martynas scored #4; 2020’s championship happens in Cyprus, by the way!).
We just confirmed with the Kempinski that the attendees of the Summit will have a special deal there: you can buy any wine on its list to have it served there, and they will waive the corkage fee. Just mention the Summit / show your badge.
Attendee Boxes
As in 2018, your registration package will wait for you inside of your personalised attendee box. When you will come for the check-in in the morning of May 2, look for the Seating Plan and then make way to your own place / look out for your country’s flag.
Here’s some of the goodies that everyone gets this year:
Our friends at @PurewalPartners celebrate their firm’s fifth anniversary this year. To share this happy moment, they commissioned from @tealured these oxo-degradable eco-friendly packs of Indian Assam tea for every attendee of the Summit to take home.
Improving Summit’s attendee experience further, @MSKLLP sourced from the German-based spices specialist TALI these bags of fresh almonds, cashew, hazelnuts, walnuts and Brazil nuts. You’ll find them inside your personalized red box when you check in.
This year, Summit’s attendee boxes are absolutely loaded with the good stuff. From @BeitenBurkhardt comes this malabar pepper sea salt popcorn handcrafted by #Knalle in Berlin. Save it for @AxelPrivacy’s talk on GDPR – or chomp it during May 2’s Legal Deathmatch 2.0!
This year, on top of the freshly roasted coffee by Kavos Broliai that @FrankfurtKurnit every year adds to each attendee box, the firm has prepared something even more special: custom FKKS/Summit-branded bottles by @kleankanteen (a certified B Corp).
Just arrived: freshly baked cinnamon cookies by Tie Kepėjai here in Vilnius, especially for the Summit. Each participant will find a jar like this in their attendee box when they check in next week.
Not shown here: Frankfurt Kurnit’s specialty coffee (it’s being roasted this coming weekend) and PGL’s set of custom-made chocolates – I’ll snap those for the next issue.
Coffee Station, Ice-Cream Bar 100% Ready
We’re less than 10 days away from having nearly two hundred lawyers from 33 countries land in Vilnius for this year’s event. Totally swamped with last-minute checks and fine-timing. Here’s menus for the complimentary ice-cream & coffee, took only 7 drafts to get it right.
We’ve got ice-cream with milk, we’ve got ice-cream that’s vegan-friendly; we also have 3 different types of milk for your coffees. There will be two (2) barristas working non-stop throughout May 2 and May 3, so feel free to grab your cup during the break or at any other time.
Morning Legal Run
What do we have here? 250 training cones for the Morning Legal Run on May 2. The relay race will feature 9 teams of 5 people each, completing six 775-meter rounds in the Bernardinu park.
That’s 150 training cones (another 100 are behind me in this photo) that I received this morning for the relay race on May 2. May the friendliest team win!!
And now a few industry snippets –
Tencent Leads Funding Round for Chinese ‘Dancing Granny’ App | Sixth Tone
China’s new gaming rules to ban poker, blood and imperial schemes – TechCrunch
r/Games - Epic games paid Phoneix Point Devs approximately 3.3 Million for exclusivity; calculated using Fig backers 91% return on investment.
This War of Mine has sold 4.5 million copies and raised $500K for charity | PC Gamer
Minecraft crosses 30 million copies sold on the PC platform alone
Both Alma and I are reading our emails 24/7. If there’s a change or a question or if there’s something else that we can help you with, please send us a note! And see you soon <3.
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