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Games Industry Law Summit
Legal Challenge IV: TEAMS
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #66 • View online
Kalí méra, my friends – I hope you’re not going nuts just yet.
These days, a lot of folks in the Summit’s community are in the process of quitting something: coffee, alcohol, LinkedIn, old messenger apps, you name it… Which makes a lot of sense, of course, given the increased demand on the time that all of us are currently facing.
With the transition to working remotely, it seems that not only do we all work more per se, but also that we’ve mastered the trick of jumping from playing with kids to talking to peers in just a few seconds. Which is the mental equivalent of having a ristretto at the start of a marathon, really.
The need to be more efficient is everywhere.
Take the kid, grab the dog, drop in on the team call – and don’t forget to mute yourself while buying cheese and reviewing a shared board in parallel.
Oh, what a luxury it was to be engaged in just one thing at one time.
And how much am I looking forward to the next real-life Summit, where we can bask under the real sun over some real coffee with the implied reassurance that nobody signs off between two sips to join yet another Zoom room… Inshallah, this is exactly what happens five months from now.

Vaccination progress
Based on the recent conversations, I’d say that about 100 Summit attendees have already received at least one dose of the vaccine – which is great news. Much depends on the next three months, especially here in Europe. Bring it on!
Legal Challenge IV: the dates
Next week, we’ll run the first-ever Legal Challenge in the digital format. You will be able to follow the semifinals and finals in real-time (via YouTube Live), as well as access the recordings once the event is over. I’m looking forward to some first-rate drama during the hearings!
The dates:
April 21, 2021 – GMT 14:00-16:00
April 22, 2021 – GMT 14:00-16:00
April 23, 2021 – GMT 11:00-13:00
The place:
The Summit’s brand-new YouTube channel –> HERE.
Legal Challenge IV: the teams
This year, we’ve done brief interviews (15 to 45 minutes) with each of the competing teams. Each interview features one special guest from the games industry.
First, team The Board (PL) and their special guest Rafal Kloczko (General Counsel, CD Projekt RED) –
LC IV Team profile – The Board (PL)
LC IV Team profile – The Board (PL)
Next, the team from the University of Belgrade’s Faculty of Law (RS) and their special guest Tobias Schelinski (Partner, Taylor Wessing) –
LC IV Team profile – University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law (RS)
LC IV Team profile – University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law (RS)
Then, team Queendom Hearts (GB/ES/FR) and their special guest Jan-Peter Ewert (Business Development/Legal, Valve) –
LC IV Team profile – Queendom Hearts (GB, ES, FR)
LC IV Team profile – Queendom Hearts (GB, ES, FR)
And finally, team One Stone (GB) and their special guest Jas Purewal (Partner, Wiggin) –
LC IV Team profile – One Stone (GB)
LC IV Team profile – One Stone (GB)
These 4 interviews follow the format of the open discussions that we’re normally having at the real-life Summit as we zoom in on the topics such as “what makes a good games industry lawyer” and “what’s the difference between being in-house in the industry or working at a firm that specialises in the industry matters” (the credit for the industry insights is with the guests and the teams while the credit for the usual chatter is with me).
What's next?
In addition to interviewing the teams, we also interviewed every judge of the competition!
Firstly, we wanted the teams to meet the judges (even if digitally) a bit ahead of the actual hearings – so that the “oh my, who’s here?” is a bit less of a distraction.
And secondly, we wanted to mine the experience of each of the judges for their best advice on handling the competition in its new, online format – as well as to give us more details about themselves, and their law firms and games studios.
As usual, the conversations ventured a bit wider than intended, and you’ll get quite some industry insides (such as “which attendee got inspired to join the industry after reading Sean Kane’s articles, and then went on to write articles of their own, which inspired yet another law firm to focus on the industry?” and “which of the judges works at a law firm that employs x 800 more people than the law firm of the other judge on the same panel?”).
The links to these interviews are coming with the next issue of this newsletter (tomorrow or on Wednesday), and please don’t forget to let us know which judge had the best Zoom background!
Sé þig seinna!
Did you enjoy this issue?
Sergei Klimov

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