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Games Industry Law Summit - Recap of Day Two

Games Industry Law Summit
Games Industry Law Summit - Recap of Day Two
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #93 • View online
Just like the long-standing debate about whether one should write “video games” or “videogames”, we have an evergreen debate about calling the day of the Summit when the Reception Happens “Day Zero” or “Day One”. On the one hand, meetings already happen the whole of Wednesday, so why zero? On the other hand, for the presentations specifically, it’s Thursday that’s the real Day One.
Whatever you think we should call it, below is how the Thursday sessions went – followed by changes in program for today:

Regional Update: Korea
Many thanks to Brian Chung for opening this year’s program.
Regional Update: Australia
Michael Boughey followed with the update on Australia, where things are finally heating up (in a good way!) for the games industry.
Deep Dive: Consumer Protection
Who’s at the heart of our modest cottage industry AKA interactive entertainment? Of course, the consumers (AKA users AKA players).
Konni Ewald lead a panel of experts (left to right on the photos above): Brice Quantin, Eric Grouse, Jennifer Stanley and Elena Lefter.
Judging by the attention in the audience, the panel was spot-on:
Regional Update: China
This year we’re lucky to have Thomas Pattloch return, with an in-depth update on this crucial market.
Deep Dive: Antitrust/Cartel Law
This year for the first time we explore the issues of antitrust/cartel laws. As Stefan Horn, Brendan Coffman and Brian Chung made the dive…
…the audience found the topic very much relevant:
Legal Challenge: The Awards Ceremony
This year, 3 out of the 4 finalist teams made it to the Summit to pick up their awards. Sincere congratulations to all the teams: Avi Bhandari, Abhinav Kumar, Juan Alberto Pulido Lock, Laura Barrera Cano, Igor Riabtsev and Dmitriy Lyasovich.
Deep Dive: UGC
Throughout the day we closely followed the highway journey of Ted Shapiro, who took a cab from Warsaw to Vilnius as his flights got delayed and cancelled (he had plans A, B and C – but the aviation industry derailed all of these). And to accommodate the changes in Ted’s arrival, the UGC panel was the first to open after the lunch:
Peter Lewin, Nicky Ormrod, Erica Carter and Jan-Peter Ewert delivers five-star content, with a Q&A at the end. This is the sort of content that we all come to Vilnius for!
Deep Dive: Collectivization in Europe
As the UGC panel wrapped, we had our first-ever On-Demand Delivery of a presenter – as Grzegorz from Warsaw finished his 6-hour ride from Warsaw, delivering Ted Shapiro:
This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the true commitment is. This is the community spirit to live by! (we, of course, had some cold champagne to welcome the arrival)
The panel with Henner Hentsch, Ted Shapiro, Erica Carter and Jari-Pekka laid the foundation for the debate about the future.
Deep Dive: Implementation of Omnibus/DCD/CD
The next dive was dedicated to a cross-country discussion, with Andreas Lober moderating Lorenzo Attolico, Luca Guidobaldi, Jean-Guy de Ruffray and Andy Ramos:
Deep Dive: Dealing with Abuse by Users
And then we transitioned to one of the largest panels this year, moderated by Tobias “SLAYER” Schelinski:
Together with Seungbum Choi, Alexandre Rudoni, Katya Nemova, Patrick Rennie, Vanessa Pareja Lerner and Jan-Peter Ewert, the panel delivered a lot of content to chew on.
Deep Dive: Artificial Intelligence
Come to think of it, this year we really have a lot of exceptionally representative panels, delivering diverse expertise.
Gregor Schmid lead the AI panel with 7 speakers: Jan-Peter Ewert, Beata Sobkow, Marc Mayer, Arata Nomoto, Brian Chung and Ryan Black, covering multiple regions – and applications.
Regional Update: Austria
Erik Steiner introduced Austria, focusing on its games industry and the legal issues that are specific to the country – further expanding our understanding of the European landscape (both risks and opportunities there).
Regional Update: France
And of course, no Summit is complete without an update on France by Alexandre Rudoni and Andrea Dufaure.
Deep Dive: Open Source 2.0
Last year, the Open Source panel drew a lot of attention – and this year, we were lucky to have Carsten Schulz lead a follow-up:
With Aaron Trebble, Darya Firsava and Chris Ponder on the stage, we explored the topic in further detail.
Updates/Changes in today's program
Unbelievably, we only have one change to report (though we still have to do a roll-call after last night’s Garden Dinner to see if anyone is missing…): the M&A / Investments panel will run without Denis Morozov, who had to jump on a plane this morning to deal with an urgent issue.
We wish you all a very productive day today, and please remember – the Prize Desk for the Sticker Album game works only until lunch today!
// We also take this opportunity to congratulate Beata, who won the Grand Prize as the first attendee to complete the all-foil album – you are the champion! //
Here’s to another sunny day!
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