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Games Industry Law Summit – Links/Changes

Games Industry Law Summit
Games Industry Law Summit – Links/Changes
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #92 • View online
Good morning, peoples : this is a functional email with links/notes of changes, and a few photos at the end.

The agenda is here. There are no changes in the topics, but a few changes in the speakers.
If you registered yesterday and have your attendee box with you, we love you – great things await you in life.
If you registered yesterday and left your box with the ops team… you can pick it up at lunch, when we go back to PACAI. Not before.
If you did not register yet, please come to the Summit Camper at the Museum to claim your badge and goodies.
Coffee, Tea, Croissants: from 08:00
The first half of the day today is entirely at the Museum. Coffee, tea and ice cream will be available throughout the day. Croissants? Probably until the French attendees arrive… so hurry up!
Kick-off: at 08:55
We start at 08:55. If you’ll need to continue your conversation, please head to the 2nd flour lounge – it’s on the right side of the Museum venue, and has a plenty of soft cushions.
Lunch: at 12:00
We break for lunch 12:00, and head to PACAI.
We will have 1 hour. The program resumes from 13:00.
Changes in the program
Joyce Alves is listed in the Antitrust panel, but couldn’t attend this year. It’ll be Stefan, Brendan and Brian.
The mayor of Vilnius is listed in the Awards Ceremony, but he had to leave for a short trip. We have his message, though, and Sergei and Agne to make up for Remigijus.
Ted Shapiro is listed at the Collectivisation panel, but got delayed at the European Parliament yesterday and, thanks to a combination of cancellations and delays on three different airlines –even though he bought tickets for every possible route to Vilnius last night – is currently still in transit. He has a crazy plan that may just work. Fingers crossed we’ll see Ted later in the day – though probably, not on this panel.
Erica Carter will replace Kayla Page on the UGC panel.
Sophie Goossens couldn’t attend this year, and was due to be replaced by… Ted Shapiro, who is currently somewhere at a gas station in Poland. So maybe we are lucky, and we’ll have Ted – or maybe we will have another person (must be Pete’s karma!).
Everyone else seems to have made it in one piece, and we will be blessed with great content throughout the day.
Changes for the program of second day TBA tomorrow morning.
Snapshots from Day 1
Around midnight we got a few photos from Aurimas, the event’s photographer. The full gallery goes online a few days after the event – these are just a preview.
See you tomorrow with another update!
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Sergei Klimov

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