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Games Industry Law Summit - Legal Challenge V is OPEN!

Games Industry Law Summit
Games Industry Law Summit - Legal Challenge V is OPEN!
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #83 • View online
Long time no hear, old friends – and a warm welcome to all the new subscribers! This issue is dedicated to Summit’s very own NFTs one big announcement, everything else will follow next week (we’re going on a road trip to Warsaw again, and hope to bring good news).
Let’s get started –>

Team The Board at the Summit in Vilnius in 2021
Team The Board at the Summit in Vilnius in 2021
The Legal Challenge is the annual moot court competition dedicated to the matters of the international games industry. We started it back in 2017, and this year it runs for the fifth time.
Looking at the careers of the finalists of the previous editions, quite a few of them by now have joined the industry as our peers:
Stanislav is in-house at Playrix, Anastasia joined Wargaming and is currently at Harvard, Yahor is the GC at Vizor, Emanuele is with Andrea Rizzi & Partners, Kacper worked at GOG and now runs his own agency (better. gaming), Kireth is in-house at Square Enix, Alexandros is in-house at Wargaming, and both Jakub and Dariusz are in-house at GOG.
And a lot of other competitors currently work in related fields such as IP and dispute resolution at various law firms.
The aim of the competition is to 🚀 accelerate the path of the legal talent towards the international games industry, so that the lawyers passionate about video games can get their industry careers started faster – and with a better firm/studio fit from the get-go.
Participating in the competition gives you a pretty good idea of what working with video games on a daily basis is like. To some people it confirms that yes, this is what they want to do with their life – while helping others re-focus on other areas that they find more exciting.
LC IV's finalists at the Summit in Vilnius
LC IV's finalists at the Summit in Vilnius
The case is about an MMORPG with in-game items based on a luxury fashion brand, and an NFT card game that extracted and re-purposed the characters from this MMORPG for its own use.
In other words, something that games industry lawyers eat for breakfast, before having a go at a pay to earn protocols for lunch.
Seriously, though, when we started to discuss the case last year, it seemed like a totally wild scenario… but by now this actually sounds like one of the news items on my LinkedIn newsfeed (maybe I need better curation 🤷‍♀️).
The registration for this year’s competition is now open, I mean
With the schedule and the case available HERE.
The registration closes on 📆 March 1, 2022 and this year we expect to see at least 20 teams compete (as of today, we already processed the first 5 registrations from 4 different countries).
It would help us a lot if you could share the news about this year’s Challenge with the law students and recent graduates (within 3 years) interested in the industry – and perhaps you may even coach one of the teams from your own country?
This link is to the website of LCV with the timeline and the case.
And this link is to the announcement on LinkedIn, which might be easier to share with a broader audience.
In the previous editions of the competition, we saw teams from the 🇺🇸 US, 🇬🇧 UK, 🇵🇱 Poland, 🇷🇺 Russia, 🇺🇦 Ukraine, 🇧🇾 Belarus, 🇷🇸 Serbia, 🇪🇸 Spain, 🇫🇷 France, 🇨🇾 Cyprus, 🇹🇷 Turkey, 🇫🇮 Finland, 🇩🇪 Germany and 🇨🇳 China.
Who will qualify to the semifinals in 2022?
The possibilities are endless!
(I made my bets already, though: GO POLAND GO!!)
This year’s judge panel features 11 industry veterans:
Such an exceptional group of lawyers provides a truly international perspective – if all of them would agree that your team wins, it’s the best professional endorsement that one can hope for.
As with every previous edition, this year’s case has been prepared by the legal team of Wargaming, whose dedication to running this moot court is absolutely invaluable. Thanks to Alexandros Alexandrou, Darya Firsava, Raman Ramanouski, Tamara Sakolchyk, Katya Nemova and their team’s brilliant paralegal Roman Zanin for their continued commitment.
Attention, industry peers:
If you would like to help with designing the case for 2023’s competition, please get in touch with me or with Tamara – it’s quite a time commitment, but it’s also a lot of fun! 🍻
If you registered to the Summit in Vilnius with a Super Pass and opted for the Japanese cups, we posted the first photos from the test run here. The manufacturing starts in May, as it takes time to make each set by hand.
We’re currently at 190/200 registrations for Vilnius, which makes us very happy – but also poses a major challenge. If you’ve been meaning to send that email to Alma, you may want to do this sooner rather than later 📮. We’ll talk more about this in the next issue, as we have a plan (but of course!).
Till nästa vecka!
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