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Games Industry Law Summit – Legal Challenge IV

Games Industry Law Summit
Games Industry Law Summit – Legal Challenge IV
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #53 • View online
“Time changes, love ages, and even the best friends become enemies. Publishers and developers in the video games industry are the frequent heroes of love stories that end up in court. The list of possible reasons for that is endless. This year we focus on two of them: royalties and developer technology.”
– ladies and gentlemen, please make way: here comes Legal Challenge IV, the international moot court competition that’s 100% focused on the games industry.

Legal Challenge IV
Both the case and the related materials are available here, and we’re already on standby for the first team registrations.
2019’s semifinals featured a team from Poland, a team from Finland, a team from the UK and a joint team from Cyprus, France and Belgium fielded by the Queen Mary University of London.
We expect the next year’s semifinals to be no less diverse!
Please help us reach local law schools!
If you have a chance to share the announcement in your region – please help us spread the word by sharing this link!
One of the best things about the games industry is how international it is, and we’d love to reach local law schools so that bright young lawyers with a passion for video games will have a chance to compete in this moot court, regardless of their current location.
If you could share this link on your LinkedIn page, this would mean a lot! Both to us, and to the young lawyers who will discover it.
The winner of LC I in 2017 came from Belarus (and since then joined Awem Games as their in-counsel). The winning team of LC II in 2018 came from Ukraine (one of them since then joined Wargaming as their in-house counsel, while another recently joined Playrix in a similar role). The winning team of LC III in 2019 came from the UK (and currently continues to work at the law firm of Simmons & Simmons).
Which country’s team will claim the top prize at LC IV in 2020?
The beautiful thing is, we cannot really guess – as everyone has a fair chance! Maybe that team will come from St. Petersburg, maybe from Warsaw, or maybe from Los Angeles – everything’s possible.
The Prize
The participants of the semifinal of LC III in 2019 at the Formal Dinner.
The participants of the semifinal of LC III in 2019 at the Formal Dinner.
So what’s at stake?
Each of the 4 teams that qualifies to the semifinals in 2020 will have their registration fees for the Summit fully covered (at €700 per person), getting full access to the event as well as all the related events like the Legal Morning Run and the Formal Dinner.
On top of this, we will also provide each semifinalist with the three nights of complimentary accommodation at the four-star Hotel Vilnia. And while the free accommodation as well as the nice food and drinks are a nice extra, the really important thing is being able to attend the two-day program, and to listen to some of the sharpest mind in the field.
As a young professional, you will have the opportunity to meet lawyers from over 100 games companies and law firms all over the world: the people who form the backbone of our professional community. This yields a unique snapshot of who we are, lending you a pretty good idea of the people whom you might want to work with – as you move forward with your career decisions.
Attention, law firms and games companies!
If you would like to set up a special reward / an assistance package, such as “if team from country X qualifies, then we’ll cover their flight tickets”, then please get in touch with me and Alma and we’ll make sure to spread this information. In 2019, Queen Mary University helped its students to get to Vilnius, which I’m sure was appreciated by everyone on the team.
Organizing Committee & Judge Panel 2020
This year’s Legal Challenge happens thanks to the time and the efforts poured into the project by the organising committee over at Wargaming: Tamara Sakolchyk, Katya Nemova, Darya Firsava & Anastasia Chuvaeva.
Bringing a wealth of experience, 2020’s Judge Panel is chaired by Brian Tae-Hyun Chung (Seoul, Korea) and features:
Seeing 12 lawyers from 8 countries contribute their time to this community initiative highlights some of the best features of the Summit: we care about keeping the community inclusive and open to new talent, and we’re pretty good at cooperating with each other in order to make it happen!
Summit's Partners in 2020
Since the very first Summit back in 2015, the mission of the event was to bring together the professional legal community of the international games industry, and to provide it with the environment that connects people from different countries and different companies – so that we can share our experience across the borders, and get insights coming from a variety of different perspectives.
Here, you can catch up on the digital tax in Turkey, then bring yourself up to date on Brazil’s age rating for video games, and get the latest news about Russia’s new Internet Firewall – before you even finish one cup of the (complimentary) single-origin coffee!
This community spirit is what sets us apart from most of the “commercial” conferences: we’re not trying to be the biggest, and we don’t really care about making a profit. What we really care about, is curating the attendee list so that you get to meet like-minded professionals, for whom sharing experience with peers and cooperating with others for the greater good of the industry is at the core of their attitude.
Over the years, we’ve been able to rely on a wonderful network of law firms and games companies who understand what the Summit is all about, and who support our vision for the pitch-free professional environment, in order to make the ends meet.
Because of the change in venue to the Palace of Grand Dukes and the associated increase in costs of all the relevant ops (as well as our ambition to add one or two more things to the agenda), we asked the event’s partners to substantially increase their commitment for 2020, and we’re happy to report that every company we spoke to, was completely supportive of the ask.
Here, then, are the companies that make it possible to take the Summit to the next level in 2020 – covering, among everything else, the complete budget of the next year’s Legal Challenge –
Games Industry Law Summit 2020 is presented by:
Games Industry Law Summit 2020 is sponsored by:
Games Industry Law Summit 2020 is supported by:
We appreciate the trust, and we will put forward our best effort in order to turn 2020’s sponsorship budget into a particularly amazing experience for each and every attendee.
Thank you!
Attendee List: Current Status
We’re currently at 170 registered attendees, most of whom are already listed online on the Summit’s web site. Three of the venue hotels are sold out on standard single rooms, and there’s just about a dozen of deluxe rooms remaining.
If you registered but haven’t booked you hotel… PLEASE TALK TO ALMA. She can connect you directly to the property of your choice, to make sure you get the event discount applied, and all these rates are fully refundable in case you will need to adjust your travel dates later.
If you’re looking to attend, but haven’t applied yet – please reach out to us direct, or to someone on the attendee list who can vet you. We currently have a couple of over-subscribed regions, where we’ll need to place people on the wait list, but if you’re an in-house counsel, then by all means, please talk to us and we’ll find a spot for you!
Finally, if there is an industry professional whom you would like to see attend, and join the discussion/the Morning Legal Run/the community in general, please send us a link to their profile, and we’ll follow up. We cannot place everyone, but we will do whatever is humanely possible.
This ends our broadcast for tonight – here’s to another great edition of the Legal Challenge, and I’ll be back with a bunch of event-specific updates, including the agenda, after we ship our game on Steam next week (we’re about to submit the build for review in the early hours of this night, build submissions being what the nights are obviously made for).
Alles Gute!
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