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Games Industry Law Summit – Do biegu! Gotowi!! Start!!!

Games Industry Law Summit
Games Industry Law Summit – Do biegu! Gotowi!! Start!!!
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #72 • View online
Here’s hoping that this issue finds you at home, comfortably sitting in your favourite chair with a cup of herbal tea – while your kids prepare the lunch for you in the kitchen.
Maybe you’re on a Zoom call about a complicated regulatory issue, while in parallel trying to figure out what exactly is the school policy is for the back-to-school season…
Either way, here’s a good day to you, and we have some news to share. If you’re attending this year’s Summit, please read this issue!

The scope of this newsletter
I really wanted to talk about how BookingCom got fined $17M+ in Russia for acting like a monopolist (who’s next?), and about how Epic’s quest against Apple starts to bear fruit in unexpected places (such as smaller developers going public with their grievances about the app review process), plus a bunch of other hot topics (that Activision lawsuit? or those Alibaba news?) – but for now and until the Summit is over, we’re going to focus strictly on the protocol of the event.
Because, my friends, there is A LOT to learn about traveling here and back while staying safe, and so let’s please all work together to make it as smooth as possible!
The dates & the venue
This year's branding involves a lot of outdoor placement
This year's branding involves a lot of outdoor placement
Nothing changed during the summer, so please allow me to confirm:
Reception Dinner starts 17:00 on September 15 (Wednesday).
Day One starts 09:00 on September 16 (Thursday) and finishes with the Survivor Dinner that runs 19:00-22:00.
Day Two starts 09:00 on September 17 (Friday) and wraps with the Informal Dinner that runs 17:00-21:00.
The venue throughout the whole event is Hotel PACAI. Nothing happens outside of this hotel! For these here days, PACAI is our “safe bubble”. Summit attendees have taken 90% of all the rooms there, and it’s your one-stop place for everything from panels and presentations to sake and ice cream bars.
Let me be upfront about it: we discourage you from leaving the venue! Forget 2016-2019, when gangs of games industry lawyers from Finland, Germany and UK roamed the streets of Old Town until the sunrise – this is not the time to have such adventures!
Remember that time when some people got arrested at a nightclub and were late for the first panel of the second day? You will have a chance to see another police station (maybe even two!) in 2024. But between then and now, let’s cosplay cosmonauts who are visiting an unknown, and potentially contagious, planet.
Hotels & their cancellation policy (IMPORTANT!)
PACAI's suite is not too shabby.
PACAI's suite is not too shabby.
As of now, these are the hotels most booked by the attendees, in order from “most” to “least” number of rooms booked:
  1. PACAI
  2. Artagonist
  3. Shakespeare
  4. Vilnia
  5. Radisson Astorija
  6. Kempinski
If you wanted to change your booking from one hotel to another, email Alma now – or be silent forever.
You can cancel free of charge until September 10. Reservations cancelled after this date incur a one-night fee, and rooms will be released to the market.
You can cancel free of charge 11 days before arrival. Different people arrive on different dates, so there is no single deadline. Please mind your own booking. Cancellation within 6-10 days before arrival incurs a one-night fee, and the room will be released to the market.
If you cancel later than that, you will be charged the full rate for the whole period of intended stay (so maybe do not cancel, if you must, but redirect the room to another attendee :-P).
Arriving to Vilnius (VERY IMPORTANT!!)
As the Russian joke goes, "скромненько... но чистенько!"
As the Russian joke goes, "скромненько... но чистенько!"
If you won’t read this section, you probably won’t make it to the Summit – so please, do read the following instructions:
(1) 48 hours prior to arrival (but not earlier):
This applies to EVERYONE; no exceptions even if you’re vaccinated five times and survived every possible strain out there –>
Fill out this form. At the end of it, you will receive a QR code.
You will need this code to board the plane!
No code – no boarding. No boarding – no Summit! ;-(=)
(2) A few days before you travel:
Check the current COVID-19 rules in Lithuania, HERE. The rules are updated every Monday and are in effect through end of that week’s Sunday. This is your one-stop link for questions such as “should I…?”.
For example, assuming you travel from USA:
  1. This week, you will find USA in the list of RED/GREY countries.
  2. You will need the questionnaire above, and the QR code, to enter.
  3. PCR/Antigen test is mandatory, HOWEVER…
  4. …HOWEVER, if you’re fully vaccinated with the EMA-approved vaccine (and you are, if you’ve attending the Summit!), then this requirement is waived.
Which means you’ll disembark without problems, and our car will take you directly to the hotel.
(3) Before arrival:
Download/install/print your national COVID-19 vaccination certificate. HERE is a user-friendly page from Go Vilnius that highlights it: if, for example, you will need to visit a shop locally, or if your hotel will be only open to guests with the digital pass (such as EU Digital Certificate), then you will need your national pass to go through the doors.
Complimentary pick-up service
This is what the Summit's official taxis look like (A2B).
This is what the Summit's official taxis look like (A2B).
As always, we provide complimentary pick-up and drop-off for every attendee arriving to the airport or train station (though in 2021 trains from Minsk and Moscow are not really running, you may have heard about a bit of trouble back east).
Alma needs to know your exact arrival date, time and flight number.
If we don’t have it… we can’t book your pick-up, and you’ll have to rely on your own arrangements.
NB: this year, we’re booking as many individual cars as possible, so that nobody has to share a ride unless we’re absolutely out of taxis. The earlier you send Alma the data, the higher the chance that you’ll have a car of your own.
In addition to the green A2B taxis, we’ll have our concierge Titas picking up folks in his brand-new Toyota hybrid (be sure to compliment him on the car! :-D).
Once you’re out of the luggage area and into the Arrivals hall:
  • find the Summit standee (red) with the wolf
  • if you’ve attended before, spot Titas or Joris next to it
  • they will direct you to your specific taxi
We asked the taxi company to instruct the drivers to keep the car windows rolled down during the ride, and the drivers themselves must wear a face mask. Please contribute to the safety from your side as well by keeping those windows open, and having your own face mask on! This year, we all must protect each other.
Departure from Vilnius (but stay, if you want!)
I grabbed this image from the lab's website. Others were more dramatic.
I grabbed this image from the lab's website. Others were more dramatic.
If you’re looking for a job at Wargaming’s new Vilnius office, please feel free to apply (Katya will help you with the forms) and stay. Bonus points: no need to worry about the travel protocol for your return flight.
If you’d like to return to where you’re coming from, however, then you need to do the following:
(1) before departure to Vilnius:
Check with your country’s authorities on the rules for returning from abroad. You (or your PA!) are responsible for staying up to date on these. Maybe you don’t need a new test if you return within 72 hours. Maybe you need a PCR test, or maybe you need an antigen test.
(2) here at the Summit:
This year, in addition to Coffee Bar and Ice Cream Bar, we’ll have the Tea Bar as well as the PCR Bar. We’ll talk about the first three in the next issue of the newsletter, meanwhile let’s focus on the PCR Bar –>
We agreed with the best local lab (the actual lab, and not one of the collection services who then submit the samples to the lab somewhere else!) to have their staff on-site at PACAI during the Summit, so that you do not need to make any extra bookings or travel arrangements for your testing needs.
You will find the testing point under the sign PCR Bar in the meeting room of the left wing of PACAI. Details below –>
PCR Bar & Safety Kit
The dates and times of collecting the samples at the PCR Bar:
September 16 (Thursday): 08:00-10:00
September 17 (Friday): 08:00-10:00
You will get your PCR results (official certificate) first thing in the morning of the day following the test. E.g. get tested Sep 16 – get your certificate in the morning of Sep 17.
You will get your antigen results (official certificate) within 4 hours of testing. E.g. get tested 09:30 Sep 16 – get your certificate by 13:30 Sep 16 at latest.
Because PCR Bar is just 20 meters away from the Coffee Bar and the Ice Cream Bar, we recommend an affogato al caffe for those taking the PCR and a flat white with pea milk for those taking the antigen.
If you need to be tested outside of the hours above, please notify Alma ASAP and we will arrange a specific trip to the lab and back for you with the concierge or the taxi. Arranging this after you land will be 10 times more difficult!
The tests are a paid service (but the coffee and ice cream are free):
PCR test, including official certificate in English: €70
Antigen test, including official certificate in English: €24
Because the lab is focused on the testing and not on B2C activities, they can charge only us, the studio, with one big bill after the event. Thus we will include each person’s test costs in the final invoice that Inga and Alma will send after the Summit is over, and we kindly ask you to reimburse these costs as soon as you can.
Before you visit the PCR Bar:
To speed you the process, we ask you to fill in the test form.
Each attendee will have a copy in their Safety Kit.
As my friends from the aviation safety would say:
This is what the form looks like:
Staying safe
On top of the form, included in your Safety Kit you will find 2 (zwei) face masks by Armed Angels:
Please wear them at all times when indoors, as well as whenever you will find yourself in close contact with other attendees!
Additionally, each attendee gets two of these quick tests:
We ask you to use one test every morning of Sep 16 and Sep 17, so that if (and hopefully that’s a big, huge IF) you were already infected before you embarked on the journey to the Summit, these will warn you not to expose others before it could be too late. If you need additional tests – just let one of us know during the event!
The Survivor Dinner
The Icelandic vodka is real! We have a few bottles saved for the Survivor Dinner.
The Icelandic vodka is real! We have a few bottles saved for the Survivor Dinner.
In 2019, for the first time we staged the Formal Dinner at the Summit: an elegant event that is half social and half gastronomic.
In 2021, as we’ll be all sitting outdoors, the format changes to Survivor Dinner. Please note the following:
Dress code: wear your Mad Max sweater, and bring a jacket in case the wind picks up (it could be +25C and sunny… or it could be +15C and raining!). No suits or dresses, please!
Seating: we’re setting up large tables for 8 persons per table, that will allow enough of a distance to be safe (unless you plan to sing or shout – and, for the sake of everyone’s kids back home, please don’t!).
Food: there will be no shared plates!
And we ask you to make your selection of the dishes ahead of the event – you should have an email from Alma in your Inbox.
The choice is between tartare from local mushrooms with sour cream, herbs and potato hair OR beef carpaccio with pike caviar, salt cured egg yolks and apple sauce for starter, and chickpea steak with root vegetable gratin, chimichurri sauce, marinated dried plums and boletus mushrooms OR deer loin with root vegetable gratin, marinated cranberries and boletus mushrooms OR zander fillet with fennel risotto and crawfish sauce for the main.
If we do not hear from you by September 3rd, your choice will be recorded as “vegetarian”. No changes possible after that date!
Drinks: I’m happy to share that this year we’re truly and superbly stocked. In addition to craft beer from Kuro Aparatūra, we’ll have these fine wines and champagne in magnums (left to right: France, Italy and Spain) –
As well as this very special selection (left to right: Iceland, Japan, Cyprus and Cyprus) –
Despite the abundant choice and the fact that all these drinks are free to the attendees, we ask everyone to please drink responsibly – because having one drink too many may lead to the lowering of the safety precautions, and we really want you to remember Zibania as “the exceptional drink from the wonderful event” rather than as “the drink that made me crawl and trawl for COVID”.
Last, but not least
The only €200 image I could quickly find on Wiki Commons
The only €200 image I could quickly find on Wiki Commons
Last, but to least: the current cancellation policy.
As we’re 2 weeks away from the event, we can no longer refund 100% of the fee. When cancelled between now and next Tuesday (Sep 7), we will refund €500 as a credit for 2022 or as the immediate payment. When cancelled from next Tuesday onwards, we will refund €200 as a credit or as the immediate payment. Please reach out to Alma for the specifics.
When we refund you less than 100% (i.e. €500 or €200), we’ll gladly send the attendee box to your firm/studio’s address (which is bursting with goodies this year, as well as features the first-ever Community Book with personal profiles!).
Within EU, we’re sending the whole box (coffee, tea and other goodies included) by DPD/DHL, at no additional cost to you.
Outside of EU, we’re sending either the printed matter only (no extra cost) or the whole box with customs declaration (customs duties and taxes payable by the recipient).
If you were registered, but then cancelled, and did not pay your registration fee or got the whole amount refunded, you are still eligible to order the attendee box – and we’ll courier these within 3 days of the event (while the supplies last!) at €200 (shipping included; same terms re: contents as above).
That’s all for now. Thanks for reading thus far!
The next issue of the newsletter (expected: this week?) will bring you the agenda – with the topics that range from the use of open source software to the use of music in games, and from the discussion of the upcoming EU regulation specific to the games industry to the discussion of mental health issues for games industry lawyers (these two may be interconnected, we think!)
Stay safe – and start getting ready for your trip!
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Sergei Klimov

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