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Games Industry Law Summit – Deadlines (24 hrs & 7 days)

Games Industry Law Summit
Games Industry Law Summit – Deadlines (24 hrs & 7 days)
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #88 • View online
Friends, colleagues, strangers:
This is a PSA to remind those attending the Summit in September about two important deadlines (and one optional) –––>

Community Book : 24 hours left
Each year we print a Community Book with the profiles of each attendee; you will find a copy in your attendee box.
The book is designed to help you get to know the others better, as well as to learn about those whom you haven’t had the chance to meet personally during the actual event (if you spend 5 minutes with each attendee this year, you will need 27 hours of introductions).
This book exists only in the printed form, and is distributed only among the attendees of the Summit.
The deadline for responding to this year’s Q&A is July 22. In 24 hours we will freeze the layout, e tutto finito – basta.
80% of attendees have already responded. If you’re in the remaining non-compliant minority and still would like to see your profile in the book – please complete the Q&A ASAP.
You will find the link, and the reminders from Alma, in your inbox. and if you cannot quickly locate it, please email Alma for a duplicate.
Vaccination Status : 7 days left
In 2022, just as in 2021, we aim for zero COVID at the event, and we require that in addition to all the other tools and measures each attendee is vaccinated with an EMA-approved shot.
In addition to asking about your Community Book entry, the Q&A form that you have received has a vaccination section. Whether or not you want to be in the Community Book, we must – absolutely must! – have your vaccination information. This is, after all, a legal event, and not some prime minister’s bordello office.
The deadline is July 29, 2022 – 7 days from now.
Since we won’t be able to admit anyone who did not submit their vaccination details on time, from August 1 we will first start emailing your mother, and then cancelling the registrations of those with missing vax info.
This is a very hard deadline. Please help us by completing the Q&A, if you haven’t already!
Garden Dinner : Food Preference
In 2019 we had the Formal Dinner, with fancy dresses and a matchmaking game at the tables; in 2020, we had no dinner (and no Summit, but lots of doomscrolling); and in 2021, we had the Survivor Dinner – staged outdoors, and focused on the happiness of being able to see each other again, regardless of the attire.
In 2022, we bring you the Garden Dinner: a gourmet menu served in a safe outdoor seating. I believe that we can go “back to old normal” with about the same chances as going back to MP3 players. Instead, we must accept and embrace “the new normal”: clean air, and socialising outdoors as the weather allows (Londoners went through something similar in 1859-1865). Hence the concept: let’s pretend that we are all neighbours here, with a shared garden (between 45 countries, right) – and this is our annual social thing, rather than a temporary change of format.
As a part of the Q&A form, we ask you to indicate your main course preference: meat, fish or vegetarian. The deadline is July 29, 2022.
If we haven’t heard from you on the meal preference, you are getting the healthy, environmentally-friendly vegetarian option. Fantastic choice! I much approve. And no changes possible at a later date, since the menu is cooked with precision.
This about wraps this up for today. Thanks for sending your details on time – and we look forward to seeing you in a few weeks. Our team here is already in the full-speed production mode, and we can’t wait to show you all the new stuff that we’ve came up with!
Until the next issue – and stay safe!
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Sergei Klimov

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