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Games Industry Law Summit – Countdown initiated!

Games Industry Law Summit
Games Industry Law Summit – Countdown initiated!
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #73 • View online
We’re one week and one day away from the Summit’s Reception Dinner, and our eyes are glued to the weather forecast: will it be sunny and warm, like right now, with a mellow +20C – or will it be cold and windy, like last night, with a chilly +3C and light rain?
The truth is: we won’t know until Monday with any degree of certainty, so if you’re going to travel to Vilnius for this year’s event, please keep your wardrobe options open until it’s time to pack up and leave for the airport.
Meanwhile, we have some news to share, including the agenda (really? unbelievable!) and the collectible card game (no kidding!) –

Trivia: Legal Challenge prizes
The prizes for this year’s Legal Challenge have arrived! To be awarded on September 16th, 10:00, by @RemiSimasius and the judges.
This year my teammate Mindaugas has outdone himself with the prizes to the winners of Legal Challenge, based on our experience from 2016-2019: we wanted them to be 1) individual 2) small 3) heavy 4) special. And so we ended up with these custom-made, heavyweight wolves bearing the names of the winners and the specific categories in which they excelled.
Bonus points to you if you’ll figure out what we did not achieve this year (it’s a weird glitch of production, we still don’t know how this came to be). Click on the tweet above for more photos.
Trivia: Ice Cream Bar 2.0
Ah, what a day - and what a challenge! Returning to the Summit this year is the Craft Ice Cream Bar from Ice Dunes. We will serve four flavors: chocolate, pistachios, vanilla and quince with seabuckthorn. There’s one important upgrade…
At the last Summit, we introduced the artisanal Ice Cream Bar (free to every attendee) that offers 8 different flavours. This year, we take a step forward: Paulius, the founder of Ice Dunes, returns with his bar that will offer pistachio, chocolate and (special!) quince with sea buckthorn flavours in branded cups – such as these –
A little story to explain how we handle branding at the Summit. In 2021, just like at the last Summit, we'll have artisanal ice-cream served in cups branded with Tier-B sponsor logos. One request from 2019 was to make sure these cups recyclable, so we've done just that.
– but also, for the first time, we will have vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate on offer! With, wait for it, wooden sticks branded with Tier B logos. Originally we went for 40% milk chocolate melt with salted roasted pistachios on top, but then Katya came over and donated a bag of professional 100% cocoa chocolate for the alternative melt. At the degustation… we were in haven. And, importantly, this ice cream has the absolute minimum of sugar content.
…vanilla ice-cream will be served on the sticks! Dipped in melted Swiss chocolate! Covered with roasted salty pistachios!

We tested various options (incl. dried strawberries) and settled just on chocolate with pistachios, but with 2 options: 40% milk and 100% cocoa.
There will be a total of 400 sticks made for the event, so hurry up – available while supplies last.
Trivia: Attendee Boxes
Attendee boxes are here! For the first time ever, these are recycled and recyclable. Featuring Tier A sponsors on the front and on the back…
This year’s attendee boxes are absolutely packed with goodies. In fact, we will struggle to fit everything in: from coffee (FKKS) to chocolates (Beiten Burkhardt) to birthday candles (MSK) to Indian specialty tea (Wiggin), and to cookies, travel items, fresh juice boosters, grissini, and more, the box is full of stuff that, we think, you would love to taste/use, thanks to the event’s sponsors.
100% beeswax with multicolored cotton wicks. Handmade in Lithuania. We hope you’ll like them!
And this is before we get to the Summit’s custom notebooks, manufactured at a small plant in Riga (LV), and – premiere! – the annual Community Book with everyone’s personal profile, which we expect to come from the printers tomorrow.
If you cannot attend, but have been registered… you can still get the box, if you coordinate with Alma (EU: full box, non-EU: pending customs rules, e.g. we cannot ship coffee to Japan or tea to India).
Trivia: Ceramic Cups
We’ll also use them to serve chilled sake during the Sake & Kombucha Break on Day 1. Yes, we have a crate of authentic Japanese sake that we imported in 2020!!
What can be better that getting espressos served to you on a tray while you’re listening to a panel? Getting those espressos served in the custom-made ceramic cups!
* made here, in Vilnius
* 100% handmade ceramic (ask us about color matching!!)
* retaining heat to keep your espressos hot!
But we ain’t stoping there yet: the same cups will be used to serve chilled sake during Day One’s Sake & Kombucha break. Just make sure you don’t smash them, because it takes months to get them produced and then properly dried!
And now for some serious topics: let’s start with the dress code.
Generally, everyone comes dressed in a suit and a tie. But not this year! Since weather can change on a moment’s notice, we encourage you to please come prepared:
* get a wool sweater over anything else that you might wear
* make sure to come with proper wind-proof boots
Because we go for max ventilation / max safety, we do expect the mornings and evenings to be chilly. To a certain degree, this will be offset by hot tea and hot coffee (and Icelandic vodka, later on, as well as Zibania), but it’s much better if you would have proper boots to begin with.
As to the Survivor Dinner specifically, we’re decorating the tables with the forest-themed ornaments on top (a sack of moss just got wheeled in as I type, and my kid needs to deliver 500 chestnuts by the end of this weekend!), and we ask everyone to please bring your very best cashmere sweater or rough jacket.
Be comfortable! This is the Work-From-Home year, and let’s not be shy about it.
Survivor Dinner: Options: Reminder
As a reminder, if you did not email Alma your preference… you will get local mushrooms with a chickpea steak, as the default choice is vegetarian.
Agenda: General considerations
If you’re in a hurry, the agenda is here.
Some reasoning behind the changes from 2019:
* lunch break is now at 90 minutes to avoid crowding; we saw that serving lunch to 150-200 people at the same time results in queues, and we’re addressing this with setting up TWO buffets with separate access, plus with longer time for the break so that nobody has to rush there the moment it opens up.
* we start at 08:45 on Day One, I apologise to everyone coming from the West but we could not move the awards ceremony (that will have both the Mayor of Vilnius and the new General Manager of Invest Lithuania) and we have quite a few topics to cram into this day.
* we will not be making more breaks throughout the day (sorry!) but we did extend the kombucha & sake/kombucha & beer breaks to 30 minutes on both days, to allow for more conversations to happen face to face
* Day Two starts at 10.00. every time we tried to start earlier, it just didn’t work, and if you ask me personally – I’ll finish the previous night probably around midnight, probably standing with a few friends I haven’t seen in 2 years, around the fire pit at the courtyard of PACAI, with a nice drink in hand; it wouldn’t work if we all have to be up at 07.00 the next day to get ready for an early panel!
* we will have 3 presentations happening by a video link from contributors who couldn’t travel to Vilnius this year. We hope for a strong WiFi connection and good sound (which we’ll test tomorrow, btw).
Trivia: Current count
If you’re wondering about just how many people are actually going to land next week in Vilnius, the current count is 165. Which is a bit over 55% of the number whom we expected to attend in 2020 (since we lost countries like Brazil, Japan, China, Russia, Belarus, etc. due to travel restrictions).
Pick-up from the airport
We’re having a number of people from the same companies landing on the same flights, and where we struggle to find enough individual taxis, we will offer the same car to a few people, when they belong to the same bubble and when they need to get to the same hotel.
Just letting you know, since for a couple of flights the logistics is going to be absolutely mad!
Fast Track Passes
For everyone who is flying back, we have the Fast Track Passes prepared. Even though the traffic is lower, the security situation may remain the same due to lower staff numbers. For now, those who fly regularly these days, say that it’s a breath – but better safe than sorry! You will find you pass inside of the attendee box.
Collectible Card Game
One of the innovations at this year’s Summit is the Collectible Card Game. This is how it works:
* everyone gets 15 personal cards with their company name and its office flag in the attendee box
* you exchange 1 of your cards for 1 of the cards from another attendee when you meet them
* once you collect 10 different cards (to clarify: Wargaming LT and Wargaming CY or Wiggin BE and Wiggin UK are considered to be all different cards, as it’s the combination of company + flag that makes the card unique), you can claim a prize at the Prize Desk
Firstly, we’ve got some cool prizes (available while supplies last!) – including local beeswax candles, boxes of chocolates, bags of locally roasted coffee, secureID cardholders with the red wolf, and a few books by my favorite author, Timothy Snyder. And secondly, playing this game is a wonderful way for you to meet new people!
Full disclosure: there is a total of 2.400 cards being released, and a total of 103 unique card designs across this circulation.
Professional photographs
This year is the 6th time when we collaborate with Simas Bernotas, a professional photographer who keeps us to keep the record of the past events. There will be a separate, brand-neutral photowall in the courtyard of PACAI, and everyone is invited to come and have their photo taken, to update that LinkedIn profile, or that Confluence ID. Simas will work both on Sep 16 and on Sep 17.
What's next?
Coming up between now and when the Summit kicks in:
* unboxing of the attendee box
* more details on the speakers and the specific topics
* a step-by-step instruction for how to find the venue, and on the seating plan (which runs on a different logic than back in 2019)
Quite a lot of people land on Monday and Tuesday next week, so make sure to check with your friends if they’re around, and are available for some tea OUTSIDE (!). A few of you have arranged for a kayaking trip on the Neris river, which is actually pretty awesome this tie of the year – as we have a colony of beavers upstream from the city!
Till later – and please a safe distance in the remaining few days!
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