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Games Industry Law Summit - countdown (3/3)

Games Industry Law Summit
Games Industry Law Summit - countdown (3/3)
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #91 • View online
Ladies & gentlemen, we’re just 2 days away from the Reception Dinner – and a few of the attendees have already landed in Vilnius, having lunches, visiting clients and catching up.
At this time, our cancellations are at 2% of the headcount (plus about 2% more where studios send a replacement when faced with a change of plans). In the pre-pandemic days, the causes for cancellations ranked as follows:
  1. Change of jobs, new place won’t approve participation yet
  2. Court session that cannot be rescheduled
  3. Wedding / funerals of a close friend/relative
This year, it’s more like this:
  1. Medical (attendee)
  2. Medical (family)
  3. Court session that cannot be rescheduled
Overall, we’re seeing far fewer cancellations in 2021 and 2022 than we saw in 2018 or 2019. Probably because when people commit to travel these days, they commit harder? Either way, it makes it easier for us to plan – an unexpected benefit of the new world order.
And now, on the specifics –

Venue 1: Hotel PACAI
The address of the venue is Didžioji 7 (but everyone and their mother would know PACAI if you use just the name alone).
What’s happening here:
🗓 SEP 7
Reception Dinner 17:00 - 21:00
Badge & box pickup possible throughout the dinner: 🙏 please, do this if you can, to avoid the queue on the next day!
🗓 SEP 8
‘Legal Run with Gregor’ ™ 07:00 (departure)
Lunch 12:00 - 13:00
Pre-dinner drinks 18:30-19:00
Garden Dinner 19:00-21:00
🗓 SEP 9
Lunch 12:00 - 13:00
Garden Dinner 18:00-20:00
Everything else is at the other venue.
Venue 2: National Art Museum
The address of the venue is Didžioji 4. It’s literally 300 meters away from PACAI, on the other side of the street. Uwaga: if you’re googling for “art museum”, you may end up with a few results, so to avoid confusion, the formal, proper name of the venue is: Lithuanian National Museum of Art / Lietuvos nacionalinis dailės muziejus.
What’s happening here:
🗓 SEP 7
NOTHING. Closed. Entry verbotten.
🗓 SEP 8
Croissants & coffee 08:00-09:00
All presentations 09:00-12:00 | 13:00-15:00 | 15:30-18:30
Sake & Beer break (coffee & snacks, too) 15:00-15:30
🗓 SEP 9
Croissants & coffee 09:00-10:00
All presentations 10:00-12:00 | 13:00-15:00 | 15:30-18:00
Sake & Beer break (coffee & snacks, too) 15:00-15:30
Each of the two days starts with the coffee at the Museum, and continues with the presentations with just one break: for lunch.
To get lunch, please head to PACAI at 12:00, then return by 13:00. We will use the bell to announce the start and the end of the break.
Once all presentations for the day wrap, do move to PACAI for the drinks & the dinners.
Second floor lounge
We’re setting up a lounge on the 2nd floor of the Museum’s courtyard, for those people who would like to have a chat without disrupting the presentations.
We ask you to please go there – it has soft chairs, and you can bring your coffee up there – rather than hang around the tent, where your conversation will distract the audience.
The entrance to the lounge is reserved for Super Pass holders. The lounge is for everyone, of course :-). Please use it to work on your emails and for any private conversations you may need, at your convenience.
Seats at the venue
This year, you choose any seat that you want.
To secure a seat, leave your box there.
A specific area is dedicated to Speakers. We have 70 speakers this year, and their seating area is on the side of the hall, to allow easy access to stage. If you see a table marked for speakers, and you are not a speaker… you must either immediately join a panel of your choice, or find another table.
Also: each speakers receives one Speaker’s Blessing per each speaking engagement. It will be clipped to your speaker ID, and comes in red and gold. You can use these coupons on Sep 8 and Sep 9 at PACAI (or sell them at a black market).
If you haven’t notified us as of now about your inbound flight, we won’t be able tp pick you up. Depending on your luck, your taxi driver caught in the wild may talk to you about Putin being “the man”, illuminati and their plan to get rich by making the world buy Pfizer vaccines, or how the climate change is a hoax because their maternal great-grandmother told them about the really hot summer of 1862. Best of luck!
You can grab a Fast Track pass from the Summit Camper at the Museum. 👉 You must arrange your ride on your own 👈. We recommend A2B taxi, or any of the apps. Please arrange your ride ahead, trying to hail a cab on a Friday afternoon or early in the morning of Saturday definitely has the vibe of trying to flag a taxi in Paris. During a train strike. In August.
Registration for 2023 events
Registration for 2023 events is getting more organised, with submission forms that will help us process the applications faster (as well as observe the per-territory limits).
The registration for Games Industry Law Unpacked I in 🇵🇱 Warsaw (May 9-11, 2023; 200 seats) and for Games Industry Law Summit VIII in 🇱🇹 Vilnius (Sep 6-8, 2023; 300 seats) will open on September 10. The links will be published on the web.
Your table at the Garden Dinner
Each attendee has an email with the number of the dinner table, for the Garden Diner that happens on Sep 8. Please follow the instructions in that email. Please also carry the badge OR bracelet when arriving for the dinner, the security has the orders to hug admit only the attendees with credentials.
If you’re one of the speakers / panel participants, you already received the email thread used for your specific topic. Please drop all and any updates for the slides there, without changing the subject.
Chatham House Rule
The conference runs under the Chatham House Rule. Sorry, but we will blacklist from the current and future conferences anybody who does not observe it.
No recording
Strictly no recording is allowed at the event, whether audio or video. We have an army of volunteer litigators from 44 countries to help us enforce this ask! 💥
Weather: good news, at last!
Yay!!! Up until yesterday, we saw a chance of rain for the last day of the Summit, but it looks like it won’t happen – we expect a very sunny day, instead.
Still, please mind the nighttime cold: you need a jacket, and a hoodie, to keep warm early on, and during the dinners (of course, we highly recommend the Wolf Hoodies, if you’re one of the people who ordered one!).
Emergency contacts
If you ever emailed Sergei or Alma, you have their mobil numbers in the signature. For emergencies – but not for asking directions to the library, please! – you can call either of them.
The Sticker Album Game
And now, finally, the last piece of instructions:
In 2022, each attendee gets to play a Sticker Album game (inspired by Paul Gardner’s presentation in 2019, where he questioned the criticism of loot boxes against the background of clearly predatory practices that exist with the collectible sticker albums, and the media is like “ah, but this is a real-life scam, not to be confused with virtual items!”).
In your attendee box/envelope, you get this album:
On the back, you have the instructions:
Together with the actual album, you will receive a set of 20 stickers; 18 will be regular, and 2 will be foiled. All the stickers in one package are of the same design, but each attendee gets a different set – so, you’ll need to trade!
When you find the proper sticker, attach it to its place:
Whether the sticker is foiled or regular, it works equally well for its designated spot.
Your goal is to complete the whole album – and claim the prize from the Summit Camper.
We have a bit under 90 prizes, from Timothy Snyder’s books to the limited edition Ukrainian post stamps and to Ryan’s favourite Lithuanian mead drinks. The prizes are available only while the supplies last!
And do you know what happens when you are the first to assemble the whole album exclusively with foiled stickers?
You can claim the Grand Prize! We have only one, but you will remember it (and may, or may not, share it with your friends – depends on having friends, of course).
The Prize Desk opens at the Summit Camper in the Museum venue after lunch on Sep 8, and will remain available until lunch of Sep 9.
Please help us run the event smoothly by:
(1) masking indoors & testing daily (masks and tests are in your Safety Kit)
(2) helping first-time attendees feel welcome (they have orange badge lanyards) by showing them the Ice Cream Corner, the Tea Bar and the Coffee Bar
(3) minimising distractions by moving any conversations during the presentations to the second floor lounge
(4) having a bit of patience during lunches & dinners, as PACAI’s kitchen team tries to set the record of feeding 300 people simultaneously – a first for them, and for us.
Peoples, we love you all dearly.
Please give us some love back by ensuring that everyone in the community has a safe and productive Summit! We are all different, some are more at risk than others… Let’s protect each other, so that we can enjoy many more events in the future.
Warm (masked) hugs & enthusiastic (disinfected) high fives,
– your Summit team –
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