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Games Industry Law Summit - countdown (2/3)

Games Industry Law Summit
Games Industry Law Summit - countdown (2/3)
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #90 • View online
With 9 days to the Summit, it’s time to talk about practical matters – such as 😷 safety and 🍨 ice-cream, among the other things.

Protect each other.
In many countries, the public health communication is now focused on the pandemics being “over” and the new versions of COVID being “mild”. The chart above, showing how many people have died unnecessarily in just the last year, tells a different story – and so does our own experience with the Summit.
Several people who were scheduled to come and present here in Vilnius, are currently sick with long COVID (or complications) to the degree where they cannot travel. And this is just the early years.
Think of HIV, which starts with a fever that later goes away. For 5 to 8 years, you are feeling quite normal (remember Freddie Mercury?) – until you don’t, and only then, when you run the tests, do you discover the extent of the destruction of your immune system (even the Financial Times is waking up to the high risk of any infection, here’s today’s article).
The privilege of our industry – creative, intellectually-engaging work – depends on the ability of us being able to function at the top of our brain game. To handle the challenge of coming up with solutions in the sea of data under stress, we must be the intellectual athletes.
Hence our commitment to running the Summit safely: outdoors, with obligatory vaccination and indoor masking, with CO2 and HEPA in place, and the request for each attendee to test daily.
Peoples, let’s please protect each other.
Your behaviour at the event will affect the health of all the other attendees in the community. If we end up with an outbreak… it will be ultimately down to patient zero, who decided to skip the test or forgot to mask. We must use all the available tools, so that each of us has an opportunity to stay virus-free.
NEW: cancellation policy for COVID +ve
Last week, many industry peers have attended Gamescom – and some, who skipped masking, are now COVID-positive. In our own developer community, the posts of “our booth is all positive, please test if you spoke to us at the event” are not uncommon. We wish all of the affected people a speedy recovery.
‼️ Attention: if you have tested positive or have exposure through family and may test positive in the period remaining to the Summit, we will accept a replacement from the same studio/firm or move 100% of the amount paid to 2023.
A few people have already informed us that they are positive now, which means they may still pose a risk next week – and we’re moving all of their registration fees to 2023, with zero cancellation charges. We consider their attitude of caring for others exemplary, and we wholeheartedly support their precaution principle.
Is your friend having a birthday at the Summit?
Each year we have a few attendees whose birthday falls on the days of the Summit. Typically, we don’t find out until we spot someone looking way too cheerful at the event not to suspect that there’s something special about them.
Earlier, the kitchen crew at Hotel PACAI was able to quickly put together a birthday pie at a minute’s notice (see the proof above). But this year, we’re facing a very challenging situation – with 300 attendees to feed simultaneously – and thus we would like to address the possible risks by asking you this:
🎂 Is your friend having a birthday at the Summit?
If yes, then please shoot an email to Alma or Sergei (we’ll keep it confidential), and we will bake a nice little cake for each of the birthday people, a day ahead (of course, please don’t tell them that you told us!).
We also urge the guilty parties having their birthdays on Sep 7, 8 or 9 to please come forward on their own, and alert us directly – then in addition to the cake, we will also bring over a glass of fino tradición. Just please, alert us at least a few days ahead!
Speaking of challenges...
Last year, PACAI’s chef recorded a part of the preparations for the Survivor Dinner – here you can see 180 starters being plated for the simultaneous serving.
This year, PACAI’s kitchen is going to set a new record, with 300 attendees having the Garden Dinner on September 8.
We ask for your understanding if some of the tables are served a bit later than the others, as we are really pushing the limits here. And while you wait, please feel free to go through the whole of the wine list.
Schedule your departure ride now!
This is our local cat. It lives at the Užupio Art Incubator, and doesn’t need to travel anywhere. No arrivals, no departures. Just pure happiness, as it observes the flow of the river.
Unlike this cat, most of you guys will fly in and out of Vilnius, thus:
✅ Arrivals are easy: this year, as usual, we arrange all the airport pickups (complimentary).
🛑 Some of you still haven’t confirmed your arrival details. We will not be able to help you, unless we know your flights! If you haven’t responded to one of our many reminders… you will probably end up in an unlicensed taxi where the driver will try to prove you that Brexit was A Good Thing and Boris is The Man.
⚠️ For departures: because the number of rides exceeds our bandwidth, this year you need to arrange the ride on your own!
If you use Über or Bolt, you can rely on the apps. If you use car sharing – City Bee or Spark – you can do the same, and drop the car off at the airport. And if you like walking, you can catch the train to the airport from the Hauptbahnhof. Otherwise, we highly recommend A2B taxi.
🚖 We urge you to schedule your ride in advance! 🚖
If your flight leaves at 6AM on Saturday, and you come down to the reception to ask them for a car? Chances are, they won’t be able to hep you! So, please pretty please, arrange the ride in advance. Now.
The pickup address of the Art Museum venue for those who depart on Friday, Sep 9: Lithuanian National Museum of Art (Lietuvos nacionalinis dailės muziejus). For departures from the hotels, you can use the name of your hotel.
Arriving to Vilnius
Pictured above, on the left, is our crew lead Titas. On Sep 6 and Sep 7, he will be at the airport, at all times. Once through the luggage claim, find him (next to the Wolf banner) – and he will direct you to the car that’s been arranged specifically for you.
Morning run on Sep 8
Three years later, we still don't know if this crow was on Take-Two's running team
Three years later, we still don't know if this crow was on Take-Two's running team
On September 8, at 07:00, a group of games industry lawyers (Taylor Wessing, DLA, SEGA, Playrix, Wargaming, Lazy Bear, etc.) leaves from Hotel PACAI for a 45-minute run along the river.
If you’d like to join, please connect with Gregor, who’s going to lead the pack. And from 08:00, we are waiting for you at the Art Museum venue for registration – with coffee, tea and fresh croissants with raspberry jam.
Speaking of registration...
We’ve detailed a few things about this year’s attendee box on LinkedIn: different colours of badges, and the special goodies part 1, part 2 and part 3. Also, the designation of the “ACE” status.
Games Industry Law Unpacked: now on LinkedIn
On the subject of LinkedIn:
Games Industry Law Unpacked is a sister event of the Summit, where the focus on the fundamentals of our industry. The first edition will run on May 9-11, 2023 in the heart of 🇵🇱 Warsaw (at Elektrownia), limited to 200 seats.
As we prepare to kick off the registrations (from Sep 10), we’ve already opened the event’s page on LinkedIn: you can follow it here.
Coffee Bar 2022
We’re happy to present this year’s coffee bar menu (all of these coffees are complimentary): as in 2021, we work with the local outfit Taste Map. New on the menu: Iced Coffee, to make our esteemed guests from Cyprus happy! And for affogato, we will use vanilla ice cream on a stick (without any coating) – so you can request, for example, a double affogato. Psst!
Ice Cream Bar 2022
Ice cream menu (also complimentary): we stay with the locals at Ice Dunes. There will be a total of 1.000 portions served. Once we’re out… we’re out! So if you haven’t tried a particular flavour, you only have yourself to blame. New on the menu: a blackcurrant & raspberry sorbet. Vanilla ice cream on the stick returns, with two optional coatings (mile or dark chocolate) and an optional crust of roasted pistachios. The *current* weather forecast shows 21C (70C), so we think this bar will have quite a demand.
Tea Bar 2022
The tea bar (complimentary) will be again manned by the team at Tealure, whom we love a lot for their share loved of sencha. We’ll serve sencha from 🇯🇵 Japan, white and black teas from 🇳🇵 Nepal, a black tea from 🇮🇳 India, an oolong from 🇹🇭 Thailand and two caffeine-free teas: Ironwort from 🇬🇷 Greece and a brew of fresh ginger. Additionally, we’ll have a selection of various kombucha, served cold (our favourite is the non-flavoured option, closely followed by the cherry tea infusion).
This wraps the current issue.
In the next, and the last, issue, we will cover the collectible sticker album game and its prizes (including some super-rare that got just delivered by our friends from 🇺🇦 Ukraine!), plus whatever you absolutely need to know before you land.
You will also receive extra emails: one with the indication of your dinner table (please, save it) and another in case you are a speaker – explaining the specific seating area, that’s reserved for presenters this year.
Stay safe, mask up, and come here happy and healthy!
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