Games Industry Law Summit – countdown (1/3)





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Games Industry Law Summit
Games Industry Law Summit – countdown (1/3)
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #89 • View online
We’re three weeks away from this year’s Summit, and here comes the first in the series of three countdown issues dedicated to all things practical, plus the wine & drinks list, and the detailed version of the agenda.
There’s things that you must know to get around (e.g. the new security protocol), there’s things that you might want to know to make the most of the event (e.g. the rules of this year’s collectible sticker game), and there’s things that you can safely ignore (e.g. who’s organising the morning legal run on day one) – though if you will learn about them, you may discover the side of the Summit that you weren’t aware of, previously.
Let’s go!

Flight details, open invoices
If you’re among the 200 attendees who already sent their flight details to us, you’re a good person. Take a cookie!
If you still haven’t submitted your data, though, please email Alma – or you risk landing in hot water. Your hotel booking is flexible on the condition that you communicate your exact arrival/departure date a few weeks ahead. If we don’t have your arrival/departure details by next week, the hotels may lock your booking based on their best knowledge, or cancel it altogether ❌.
Also, if your invoice remains unpaid after a reminder in August, we are now starting to cancel registrations; we will not be able to send additional emails in this regard, or reverse those cancellations.
Summit's Camper
Because this year the Summit’s presentations run at a significantly larger venue of the Art Museum, while the lunches and the dinners remain with the PACAI Hotel, we decided to make it easier for all of you to find our team by dressing like clowns renting a camper.
🚐 You will spot the exact camper shown above at the Art Museum square, and it’s your now-stop shop for the following activities:
  • check-in and claim your attendee box on Sep 8
  • get a Fast Track pass for your return flight (free)
  • get extra FFP2 masks (free)
  • get extra rapid tests for COVID (free)
  • charge your laptop or mobile phone
  • buy a technical running shirt with this year’s wolf design
  • submit the completed sticker album to claim your prize
  • get help with anything else
The camper will be at the venue all day long on Sep 8 and Sep 9.
Fasty Track Passes
✈️ This year, the Fast Track passes for your return flights are available at the camper. Each pass has a unique QR code that you need to scan at the automatic gates, following the scan of your boarding pass. The Fast Track section at the Vilnius airport (VNO) is on the left side of the security area.
Registration flow, check-in times
Because of the number of attendees this year, we adjusted the registration process. Please read the below (especially if you attended before, as things have changed!!):
(A) The seats are no longer reserved at the start of the event. Once registered, you can grab any of the available spots. No more flags on the tables (but we will have flags under the tent’s roof!).
(B) The box (shown above) or the envelope (for late registrations) will have your name on them. You can place them on the table that you want to take, and reserve your specific seat this way. We will have 24/7 security at the venue, so your items will stay safe there.
When you check in on Sep 7 or Sep 8, you get:
  • your attendee box or envelope
  • your badge and your security bracelet (more on this below)
  • a set of stickers and an album for the collectible sticker game
  • if you’re a Super Pass holder: a box with your Super Pass item
  • if you’re a speaker: one special item (“benedictio”) per each of your speaking engagements (no spoilers; you’ll find instructions on the back of the… thing :-)
  • finally, if you’ve ordered a technical running shirt: your shirt!
September 7:
The check-in is open from 17:00 through 20:00 at Hotel PACAI, on the LEFT as you enter the courtyard. Look for Sergei, Alma, Mindaugas or Titas dressed in the Summit’s red hoodies.
September 8:
The check-in is open from 08:00 through 11:00 at the Art Museum, at the camper.
➡️ If you need to check in outside of these hours, please coordinate with us via email.
Two Towers/Two Venues
Pictured above is a map of Old Town, with the two venues of the Summit marked in yellow. There’s about 500 meters between the two. This is our “safe bubble” for the duration of the event.
🏨 Hotel PACAI is where dinners and lunches happen, specifically:
Sep 7 – Reception Dinner (17:00)
Sep 8 – lunch (12:00) + Garden Dinner (19:00)
Sep 9 – lunch (12;00) + Informal Dinner (18:00)
🎪 Art Museum is where all the presentations run, plus the relevant services are made available:
Sep 8
– morning pastries & coffee (from 08:00)
– complimentary ice-cream, coffee, tea corners (all day)
– coffee/beer/sake break (15:00)
Sep 9
– morning pastries & coffee (from 08:00)
– complimentary ice-cream, coffee, tea corners (all day)
– coffee/beer/sake break (15:00)
Please note: you will need a badge or a security bracelet to enter either of the venues. Speaking of the security…
Badges & bracelets, security
Because of the logistics of two venues and a higher number of attendees in 2022 (plus the gate-crashing accidents last year!), we will have 24/7 security at the entrance to each of the venues.
Before you check-in: please have your ID which the security will check against the list to allow you into the check-in zone.
After you check-in: please carry your badge (we keep the same size as last year, which is on the smaller size for convenience) or wear your security bracelet (shown in the photo above).
The org team will not be available at the entrance. You will face the security people, who are under clear instructions to admit only based on IDs on Sep 7/8, and then only based on the badge / bracelet. If you will leave both at the hotel… you will need to return and retrieve either, to get in. Sorry about that.
Safety protocols
This year we make our best effort to keep everyone safe. Your own appetite for risk is your own choice – but the need to create a safe public environment at the Summit is everyone’s obligation that cannot be opted out.
For those attending Gamescom: please consider masking indoors, because if you come down with a virus after that show – you may very well miss the Summit. And the cold champagne. And the fish soup which we’ll cook over a large fire. And, of course, the talks. And more of the champagne. Why risk?
First, ⛑ Safety Kits:
You will find your personal kit in your hotel room when you check in. We leave these with the specific hotels a couple of days ahead of the event, so that they can deposit them as they prep your room. If you’re missing a kit, please scream and throw things email! We have enough spares, and will deliver on request.
Second, 🧪 rapid tests.
In your kit you will find 2 LFTs. This year we opted for saliva tests, as their sensitivity is similar to nasal swabs – but the chances of using them incorrectly are significantly lower. The way to do it with these tests is to take a throat swab, then do the saliva.
We ask each attendee to test prior to attending the event.
Next, 😷 masks.
Your kit has 3 FFP2 masks (made in Germany, by the way!) that work great with glasses (no misting). We tested nearly 20 different kinds and settled on these, based on the comfort and the level of protection offered.
We require that each and every person mask when indoors.
With this, we follow what’s already happening in smart cities like Tokyo and Beijing and Hamburg. Outdoor location, HEPA filters, vaccination requirement, rapid tests and masks – all of these tools, in combination, are here to keep you healthy and productive during, and after, the Summit.
If at any time you feel unwell, please run a rapid test or two (and we have plenty to spare!), wear a mask when close to others – and we can also arrange a quick PCR test, to be absolutely certain.
Garden Dinner: dress code, seating plan
Before we move to the last section of today’s issue, which will be the drinks list, let’s cover the Garden Dinner in the evening of Sep 8.
As the weather can vary from +18C to +28C (65F to 85F) – it’s a crazy year, thanks to all the fossil fuel that we keep burning! – we don’t know yet, if it’ll be shorts & t-shirts or slacks & sweatshirts… but the general idea is to think of this as a neighbourhood garden party. Forget suits and ties: dress for comfort and convenience.
How to find your seat:
  • As you arrive to the Garden Dinner, please check in with Sergei, Alma and Mindaugas. They will let you know the number of your table (e.g. “12”)
  • Take a look at the seating plan to identify that table’s position in the tent.
  • Once at the table, look for the name card with your name; it will also have an icon for your main dish preference. Please do not remove this card, as the staff needs it to serve your meal of choice.
2022 Wine List & Special Drinks
When we plan the wine list for the Summit, we think about the attendees who come to Vilnius from all the far-away places. We aim to make their trip special, with a focus on quality and discovery. We think that meeting a colleague from half around the world over a glass of great champagne is a great memory to have. Details matter, and add up to making the experience special.
As always, all of the drinks on the list, as well as the artisan coffees and teas and ice cream, are complimentary. Because of the pandemics, we have instructed the staff not to refill or tip up your glasses. Once your current glass is empty… please take a new one!
And now to the list:
Champagne: this year we stay with 🇫🇷 Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve, in magnums. We think it’s an exceptional classic. For a while we thought about maybe trying Andrea Arici‘s range this year, which is a great alternative – but eventually decided against that.
Red: we stay with CVNE’s 🇪🇸 Viña Real Gran Reserva 2013, in magnums. A the end of the last year’s Summit, we felt like maybe we could find something else, and went through a number of alternatives from both Spain and Italy… But in the end, in each blind tasting, Viña Real won with a clear lead.
While there are some excellent wines from say, Vietti, which are good for a particular occasion, we felt that this rioja still trumps through versatility and breadth of appeal.
White: we stay with Marco Felluga’s 🇮🇹 Collio Sauvignon Russiz Superiore, this time from 2020, also in magnums. It is a recognised classic from a well-known producer, which is reflected with both the ratings and the price.
For 2023, however, we already have in mind an alternative – Petite Arvine from Aosta’s independent winemaker Ottin. That small winery keeps scoring high with their recent vintages, and our Italian friends consider it to be “a star in the making”. How cool would it be, if you had a chance to discover it at the next year’s Summit… or maybe we find something similarly special, who knows?
Sake: last year we we added a classic sake to the Summit’s wine list for the first time, by importing a few boxes of the traditional brand. And while we saw that this type of drink works in principle, we were not yet satisfied, since we really yearned for an unfiltered sake (“にごり”) – which proved hard to find, in Europe.
But we got lucky: we discovered the Japanese-French sakagura Wakaze, who were happy to dispatch us a shipment of their 🇯🇵🇫🇷 Nigori Sake. Brewed in France using traditional Japanese methods, this cloudy sake ticks all the boxes for us, and we hope you will enjoy it during the two sake breaks on Sep 8 and Sep 9.
Fino: after the last year’s Summit, Andy Ramos sent us a box of wines from his home city of Cádiz, produced by an artisanal winery of Bodegas Tradición. We found them very unique, and decided to introduce one of them – a very dry, 8-year old 🇪🇸 Fino Tradición – to the Summit’s wine list.
If you never tried it, you’re in for a discovery. It will be available at 2 points during the event: at the Reception Dinner, and at the Garden Dinner. It makes for a great aperitif as well as a fantastic match for the sort of food that will be served.
Andy helped us a lot 🙏 by communicating with the producer, who went so far as to make a special bottling for the Summit in May of this year (see the photo above). NB: one of these very special bottles will be available as a prize in the collectible sticker game, if you’re fast enough to claim it first!
Zivania: this year, the true spirit of Cyprus returns – courtesy of the Chrysostomides law firm, who picked up the bill and shipped us the whole supply directly from Limassol (thanks, Alexandros and George! 🙏).
Produced by Tsiakkas, this 🇨🇾 zivania is a very rare spirit, with about 1.500 bottles made each year. It spends 10 years in the oak barrels that previously held the famous commandaria wine.
Zivania will be available at the Reception Dinner, as well as at the Garden Dinner.
Vodka (or, to be accurate, wódka): after serving Icelandic vodka last year (thanks, Jochen!), we wanted to find something similarly exceptional for 2022. We recalled how in the memoirs of the Faberge family their merchant grandfather, traveling through Poland, makes a note that no other region produces the vodka as clear and pure, as the true Polish wódka.
As we started to prepare the ground for the Warsaw Unpacked event (which we ultimately moved to 2023 due to the war), we looked around the city for a possible independent producer of vodka with a product that would be above such known suspects as Grey Goose and Belvedere. If all we could offer you would be a vodka that you, yourself, can buy at the nearby liquor boutique… we would have failed. We were after something special.
After meeting a few new producers who aimed to restore the authentic product of the past or invent their own thing, we discovered the team behind Mikrogorzelnia. We loved their ambition and approach, and the product turned out to be exceptional.
Now, none of us here at Charlie Oscar identifies as a vodka drinker. The number of bottles of vodka that we have bought and consumed in the last five years comes to… exactly zero.
And yet, with 🇵🇱 Mikrogorzelnia’s wódka, we found ourselves converted. We took it to PACAI’s chef and his team, to get their opinion… and ended up sharing a bottle during lunch. Thus, we started the process of arranging the delivery, and customs clearance, of a few boxes from Warsaw, which you will have a chance to sample pure – or over ice and herbs – at two points in the Summit: at the Garden Dinner, and at the Informal Dinner.
Beers: we stay with 🇱🇹 Kuro Aparatura, a Lithuanian independent producer, and focus on the beers that have a moderate content of alcohol.
From left to right, in the photo above:
Sakai Sakai – a golden ale, Kölsch-style (4.7%)
Maukas – a Vilnius-style pale ale, a local specialty (4.3%)
Marakešas – a Hopfenweizen with a twist (4.5%)
Čia Penkenas – a DDH IPA (5.7%)
And that’s about it, for this year’s wine and drinks list!
We published the announcements of most of the panels and presentations on the Summit’s LinkedIn page already, and the whole thing is now available in one piece on the Summit’s website:
➡️ HERE ⬅️
There’s a couple of changes in panelists that may happen, but for the most part, this is now set in stone – with a whole bunch of conference calls happening this week, and next, between the speakers, as they prepare for the event.
With this, we bid goodbye – for now. 2 more issues focused on the practicals are coming before the actual event, and then it’s showtime!
/ team CO
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Sergei Klimov

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