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Games Industry Law Summit – banners in the wind (bring your coats)

Games Industry Law Summit
Games Industry Law Summit – banners in the wind (bring your coats)
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #77 • View online
In the last 12 hours I’ve met more people from the games industry than I’ve met in the last 18 months. Real-life human contact is pretty awesome! And the speed of group conversations is substantially higher than on a conference call, because you can just tune into a specific topic while multiple conversations unfold at the same time.
While enjoying all the benefits of the face to face interactions, let’s please also work together to remain safe during the coming few days. Indoors = mask up. Even if you’re going into a room alone. My doctor friends expect that we might score up to 10 breakthrough infections from the event due to risks of travel. I’d like to prove them wrong – and in a good way! =)
And now to the updates –>

Banners in the wind
We spent the morning with the crew that’s responsible for putting up Old Town’s Christmas decorations to place the banners of Tier A and Tier B partners. It was a lot of fun! We even managed to piss off one owner of a Rolls-Royce SUV, whom we blocked with a crane (because he parked where he shouldn’t have) – all in all, a morning well spent.
Bilbo's 111th birthday
If you re-read The Lord of the Rings recently, you would remember the excitement of Bilbo and Frodo while they prepared for Bilbo’s 111th birthday (come to think of it, MSK is just a couple of years older this year).
Well, we felt the same excitement as we were building the Summit’s tent today, and then arranged the heaters, hanged the lights, moved trees around the courtyard and then placed the chairs and the tables. It’s going to be great!
This year the Summit turns 7 years old: we started in 2014, held the first event in May 2015, then another in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Nothing happened in 2020 besides 3 rounds of re-scheduling and about a thousand of emails, and now in 2021 we’re finally at the 6th event in 7 years.
How long do we need to count on the Lindy effect? Personally, I’m looking to the 10th Summit in 2025. We’ll invoice in ethereum, auction wolf-themed NFTs, discuss metaverses and have Sberbank and Ant Group as the lead sponsors (but maybe not).
Disclosure on ventilation:
Half of the front wall will remain open at all times, all the right side is also to remain open, and there is an opening on the left side which allows the air to circulate unobstructed.
Reception Dinner
The Reception Dinner starts at 17:00 on Wednesday in the courtyard of Hotel PACAI.
Please bring a face mask with you in order to access the buffet as well as restrooms (as you will be getting the attendee boxes only on Thursday).
Please bring your ID to the gates of PACAI if you’re staying elsewhere, as we’ll be checking everyone who comes in.
Changes in agenda
Deep dive on “Music in video games” with Marc Mayer, Alexander Ross, Claas Oehler and Kuba Jankowski, and moderated by Graham Hann, has a player replacement with Anna Piechówka replacing Kuba.
Attendee boxes, badges
The attendees boxes are finally assembled, with over 3,000 separate items coming together. You will find your box on your table, in the morning of Sep 16 (Thursday), with the badge on top of it.
How to find your seat?
Refer to the seat map, which will be prominently displayed on the wall of the tent. The seat is numbered after rows (1/2/3/etc.) and columns (A/B/C/etc.), e.g. 6C, 10E, und so weiter und so fort.
On your table you will find (1) flag of your country (2) sticker with your name on it (3) your attendee box (4) your badge.
Keeping busy: good and bad practices
Last night, a group of people stayed up drinking until the breakfast, and has stories to tell about this. Dangerous!
Today, a group of people went kayaking to Ignalina and paddled for 3 hours like their life depended on it. Awesome!
Another group today went flying on hot air balloons. Very awesome!
Tomorrow, a group of people goes biking along the river and through the parks, a bit after the sunrise. That’s the spirit!
I’m writing this up to give you guys some ideas for 2022: drinking is not the only game in town, and our rivers, forests, lakes and bike paths are pretty amazing this time of the year.
Weather update
It’s been pretty chilly and windy this morning.
Definitely, bring a jacket/coat!
Chance of rain for Day One (Thursday) went from 0% to 70% (!!).
Chance of rain from Day Two (Friday) went from 80% to 70%.
It is hard to tell, what will happen in the end. A bit of a drizzle? A real downpour? We’re in the unpredictable autumn season, so everything is possible and we’re ready for any challenge.
Today, in the afternoon sun, we really wished for some ice cream. Later in the chilly night, we would have drunk zivania if we had some open. Hence the ultimate recipe: get the quince + sea buckthorn ice cream from the Ice Cream Bar and pour a shot of Icelandic vodka over it, to meet the challenge of both sun and rain with equal confidence.
Cancelled flights, et cetera
A few people had their flights delayed, missing immediate connections. All sorted now. One person had their flight cancelled, but since then booked another flight that should land just a tiny bit later. Another person missed their flight and is now rescheduling.
Overall, the disturbances are below expected in a pandemics. As a rule of thumb, we expect 5% of attendees not to make it due to various last-minute circumstances, and for the moment it’s at 0.61%. We’ll see what tomorrow brings.
Safe travels, and see you soon at Bilbo’s birthday the Summit!
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Sergei Klimov

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