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Games Industry Law Summit – Attendees, Safety Kit details

Games Industry Law Summit
Games Industry Law Summit – Attendees, Safety Kit details
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #75 • View online
Last week, some of my friends attended a games industry event in Moscow which happened indoors with a few hundred people partying and socialising without much effort to mask up. COVID? What COVID?
And today here in Vilnius, we have the wifebeaters rally also known as “the march in defence of the family” that brought together biker gangs, local nutcases and right-wing amateurs to protest against such things as immigration, vaccination passports, masking in schools and George Soros (because, as always, it’s jews who are to blame, regardless of the occasion).
At times like these, it seems like the world has split into two communities: those who deny the pandemics and those who understand the pandemics, with lost souls drifting between the camps.
When I spoke to a friend in Russia just now, he was amused about the length to which we’re going with the safety for the Summit. After all, the weak deserve to die and not a tear to their fate, for the world is nothing but a territory to be conquered by the fittest (if you haven’t read Black Earth, I cannot recommend it enough!).
Thank god for the games industry, and for the legal profession: I know developers who are vocal antivaxxers and I know lawyers who are unrepentant Trump apologists, but I haven’t met yet a single games industry lawyer from the Summit’s community who would be an idiot.

Safety Kits
These are the Safety Kits that every attendee will find in their hotel room. Each kit includes: (1) two quick antigen tests for testing on 16/09 and 17/09 (2) a face mask (3) a form to fill for official PCR testing (4) a limited edition Red Wolf enamel pin. Stay safe! ♥️
If we know where you stay (there’s just 2 people who haven’t coordinated with Alma as of now – hurry up!), then in your hotel room you will find the Safety Kit for this year’s Summit.
It includes:
  • 2 quick antigen nasal tests: please use one in the morning of September 16 prior to attending the event, and the other one in the morning of September 17
  • a face mask to be used independently or over your respirator mask (NB: if you need a proper N95 mask to keep your glasses mist-free, we have the supply, just ask Alma!)
  • a limited edition Red Wolf enamel pin (made in Vilnius!); and
  • 3 pages of forms required to perform your PCR test for the flight back (if needed; as a reminder, Test Point at PACAI works 0800-1000 16/09, 17/09; results by next morning; if you need it earlier/at different times, please coordinate ASAP)
As always, if you need anything special – just send us an email.
Breakthrough Protocol
And now let’s get serious for a moment: here’s what we will do if any of the attendees test positive for COVID-19 at the event, or within 14 days afterwards.
Please read this if you attend:
  1. We ask everyone who tests positive between the period of your arrival to Vilnius and September 30 to notify us by phone or email. It would be impossible to gauge if you could have been infected on the way back, or locally, or at your home location, so we ask to just let us know regardless of the theory.
  2. If you’ll test positive in Vilnius, we will alert the local health board and the hotel and will work with you to extend the stay and coordinate any medical needs until you’re fit and well, and ready to depart.
  3. If you’ll test positive after the Summit, we will not disclose your name but we will (i) send an email to everyone who was at your dinner table (“one of the people at your table has tested positive; please run a checkup!”); (ii) send an email to everyone who was 2 meters to the left, right, front and back from your table during presentations and panels; (iii) ask you to email, on your own, the friends with whom you have spent the most time/at the closest distance (e.g. I’ll page Tobias and Jan-Peter, because we plan on catching up on the drinks we missed last year =D).
If you take just one piece of advice on avoiding the possible breakthrough infection, please read this article about the cause of Germany’s super-spreader event.
It’s not “too many drinks”, and it’s not “having food together”, it’s poor ventilation. So when you go to the bathroom at the event… please wear a mask, and make sure it’s a tight fit. Other than that, enjoy the drinks by the fire!
We've got 4 of these, plus 2.800 split pieces of dry pinewood to feed them
We've got 4 of these, plus 2.800 split pieces of dry pinewood to feed them
At the Airport
When you land at VNO next week, look for Titas. You already know him if you attended in 2016, 2017, 2018 or 2019. He will be dressed in this red Summit hoodie, and he will direct you to the taxi booked specifically for your trip.
Titas and Joris will be at the airport, next to the Red Wolf Standee, to meet & greet you, and direct to the appropriate taxi. We also rented a minibus for two groups that arrive from the same company on the same flight, as we couldn’t secure enough taxi cars to be on the standby at that hour. Look for the people in red and follow their directions!
Attendees: Games Studios & Law Firms
The complete list of attendees, accurate as of this week, is here. We currently have a bit over 160 people traveling from 24 countries. If you’d like to meet someone specific during the event, the time to connect and send a message is… now!
Basic math tells us that if you would spend just 5 minutes to greet each person, you would need 13 hours 20 minutes non-stop. Which is unlikely to happen (unless you plan to spend the night shaking hands).
Hence unless you plan ahead on whom you want to meet for a personal introduction, you may end up leaving the Summit with the regret that you haven’t spoken to Ionut or you haven’t met Risto this year (and, believe me, these two alone are worth the trip!).
Here is the link to a LinkedIn post with the list of all the companies sending in-house counsels:
Games Industry Law Summit on LinkedIn: #legalevents #gamesindustry
And here’s two posts with the links to all the law firms that are attending:
Games Industry Law Summit on LinkedIn: #legalevents #gamesindustry
Games Industry Law Summit on LinkedIn: #legalevents #gamesindustry
Dress code for Survivor Dinner, and in general
Today’s forecast indicates +14C daytime, +6C nighttime for the days of the Summit – and, luckily, no rain. Please dress accordingly!
We’re renting a bunch of heaters as a precaution, but we do expect everyone to also come prepared for the worst.
If you pardon me the message of this photo, it’s pretty much what we recommend to you as the dress code for the entirety of the event. Corporate hoodies welcome – and if you have some, bring extras to share with friends!
Quelle surprise !
At the last Summit, we presented Jas Purewal with a cake to celebrate his firm’s anniversary – and look what happened!
Next week, we’ve got another pleasant surprise, which is to remain top secret until Day One. Can’t tell you what… can’t tell you who… but can promise that you are very likely to enjoy it ;-)
This box ^^^ is a part of the preparations, making us all itch for days now. Kind of heavy!
The Bars
For those of you attending for the first time: all these bars at the Summit are free, and if you need something special, just talk to the people who’ll work there – they are the owners of the business, and are happy to share their knowledge/do something custom for you.
First off, here’s this year’s Coffee Bar from Taste Map
The coffee is roasted locally, here in Vilnius. The regular milk is Lithuanian, the oat and pea milks come from Denmark.
Secondly, the Ice Cream Bar from Ice Dunes
The ice cream is made specifically for the Summit, here in Vilnius, and the bar will be manned by Paulius, the founder of the company.
And then there’s the brand-new Tea Bar by Tealure (especially for Karin and Graham!) –
The tea will be served by Ernestas, the founder of the company, who spends most of the year traveling to his suppliers in the east. He is also known for making the best (and healthiest) kombucha in the country.
NB for those among the community who don’t drink caffeine, as well as for our attendees from Cyprus who will recognise it: last month, we imported the eco-certified Greek Mountain Tea, also known as shepherd’s tea, so that we can all stay warm without going through the roof. It is so good that we urge you to give it a try before, after, or with the Icelandic vodka (which will be available at the end of Survivor Dinner).
Legal Challenge – finalists
Finally, when you’re at the Summit, make sure to say Hi to all the finalists of this year’s Legal Challenge – and congratulate them on the job well done.
In the past, finalists went to work in/with the games industry:
2017’s finalists: wow! awesome!
2018’s finalists: excellent! impressive!
2019’s finalists: neat! amazing! unbelievable!
Attending the Summit personally this year are the following LC IV 2021 finalists:
🇬🇧 James Cherry
🇵🇱 Jakub Zalewski
🇬🇧 Daniel Harvey
Let’s give them all a warm welcome to the industry when we see them next week!
Have a great weekend, everyone – and we’ll be back on Monday with further updates. Here’s hoping for the sunny weather next week!
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