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Games Industry Law Summit – 6 weeks to go, we're in print now

Games Industry Law Summit
Games Industry Law Summit – 6 weeks to go, we're in print now
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #71 • View online
“The pandemics is not over yet, but we are already over the pandemics” is something that I’ve heard a few times when talking to studio people who have resumed their international travel.
There’s less travel and there’s more safety protocols around it, but it is happening – because the advantages that visiting different locations and meeting distant peers face to face provide, are a considerable boost to the business. If you’re all vaccinated and if the weather permits outdoor dinners, spending a few hours together with your team yields benefits that no Zoom meeting can provide.
Which is exactly our thinking with this year’s Summit: we’re not ready to shrug off the risks of COVID yet, but we already feel confident that we can manage the event where attendees can share experience and make new connections in a safe environment.
With 6 weeks to go, here’s what’s happening on our side:

Making the event safe: precautionary principle
Here’s our approach to running the event in a safe way:
  • a hard limit of 200 attendees, which allows us to host the panels and presentations outdoors, and to avoid crowding at shared spaces (e.g. lunches and dinners)
  • the requirement for every attendee to be fully vaccinated; to be on the safe side with the logistics, we’re limiting the list of vaccines to the 4 that are EU-approved; and the requirement for 100% of staff at the venue (Hotel PACAI) to be fully vaccinated
  • having all lunches, dinners as well as panels and presentations in an outdoor environment: we’re building a custom tent in the courtyard of Hotel PACAI, with open walls, that will ensure excellent ventilation at all times
  • the requirement to wear face masks indoors for all staff and for every attendee, so that when we have to go into a room, we do this in way that protects the others
We understand that certain locations may be more relaxed in their safety approach at this time, but we prefer to err on the safe side by following the precautionary principle.
Q3 2021: a window of opportunity
If you follow the updates about COVID, you may have seen a particular paper that looks at the pandemics in 2022-2024.
It comes down to 2 risks:
  1. that the virus will evolve towards immune escape, so that all the vaccinated folks will have only a negligible advantage.
  2. that, moreover, the virus will evolve towards a strain that will actually make it much harder to vaccinate against with booster shots, due to current vaccines teaching our bodies to respond in a certain way that cannot be reverted by a new shot.
The authors consider the 2nd event to be unlikely (phew!), but the 1st to be nearly guaranteed – because of the inequality of vaccination across the globe, and the overall low rate worldwide.
What this means for us is that the current Summit is happening during the window of opportunity where most of us are already vaccinated – but the virus hasn’t yet found the cheat codes to break through this shield.
And we’re very eager to take advantage of this window, getting together for a couple of days – while we can!
As to 2022, much will depend on the success or failure of the global vaccination initiative… Like with food waste and hunger, we’re looking at a situation where one country is currently destroying a stock of unused vaccines while another is in dire need and can’t get any (in last week’s news, Lithuania already destroyed 20.000 doses while Poland nuked 73.000).
Confirmed/Waiting List status
During the last two weeks, each registered attendee has received an email from Alma with the request to confirm vaccination status and travel details (if vaccinated).
This Monday, we moved everyone who hasn’t responded to that email to the Waiting List –accordingly, we’ve started to transfer the attendees from the Waiting List to the newly available spots on the Confirmed List. If you missed the email or did not have the time to respond, please do so ASAP.
In terms of representation, the already confirmed attendees come from 28 different countries – which once again underlines the international nature of the industry.
With 6 weeks to go, we're now in print
The whole of the last week, we’ve been sending things into manufacturing – from the branded ice-cream cups to the hand-made branded espresso cups.
And this week we’re sending the last bunch, which includes the attendee boxes (fully recyclable!) as well as the Summit notebooks.
Attendee Book – deadline for corrections
Every attendee by now should have received an email from us to confirm the personal entries for the Attendee Book, which is a sort of a directory of the Summit that we produce for the first time:
The Book is meant to provide an insight into your colleagues and works both as an introduction during the event, and as a reference for between the events.
Initially, we collected the information (including brief personal Q&As) back in 2020, so if you changed jobs or updated your photograph – please respond to Alma’s email within this week. After that, it’s off to print.
Welcome to new sponsors!
Just in time for all the printing, we’re happy to welcome two new sponsors of this year’s Summit: SSW Pragmatic Solutions (most of you have met one of their partners at the previous Summits) and Tencent (most of you have met their legal team in the past, and some of you work at studios that have Tencent as one of the backers). Thanks for the support!
Vilnius Marathon (Sep 12)
Every year since time immemorial (i.e. since before Charlie Oscar moved to Vilnius), there is a Vilnius Marathon that happens in September. The weather is nice (chilly in the morning, sunny in the afternoon), the Old Town is beautiful, and the focus is mostly on having fun running rather than on trying to outperform fellow participants.
There was one problem, however: it had a main sponsor that was rather controversial. I say “Danske Bank”, you say “money laundering scandal”. I say “But come on, that was years ago!” and you say “but what about losing track of 100.000 customer accounts in 2020?”.
Thankfully, in 2021 things have improved, and the marathon is now sponsored by a another Scandinavian company that, however, doesn’t have any controversies listed on Wikipedia!
If you arrive to Vilnius a few days ahead of the Summit and would like to join us in running 10km, 20km or the whole 42km distance, please let us know and we’ll cover your registration – this year, this marathon replaces last event’s dedicated Legal Run. Just email Alma with your choice of the race!
If you do not plan to attend in 2021:
  • ask for a refund if you’ve already paid the fee OR transfer the registration to 2022;
  • let Alma know that you don’t need the hotel room, so that we can release the booking;
  • let us know if you want a copy of the Attendee Book, we’re printing extras and we can ship after the event (postage fee depends on the country)
If you plan to attend in 2021:
  • make sure you confirmed your vaccination dates to Alma
  • make sure you have your room booked (we’re soon entering the non-refundable stage), if you want to change the hotel – please email us ASAP
  • make sure you responded to the Attendee Book email, if you changed any details from 2020
  • send us your flight details once you have them, so that we can arrange pick-up and drop-off
There is one more important issue that we will chase everyone separately: the choice of the main course at the Formal Dinner, to speed up the service. We expect to query you on this once we have the menu confirmed, in about 3 weeks.
What's next?
In the next issues of this newsletter: the agenda of the event (currently in progress), and the details of all the beautiful things that we have prepared for the attendees this year (we’re doing the coffee tasting this Friday, and the ice-cream tasting the week after – the really crucial issues, as you well know!).
Stay safe, and see (some of you) here in Vilnius in 6 weeks!
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Sergei Klimov

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