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Games Industry Law Summit – 2021 is over, what's next

Games Industry Law Summit
Games Industry Law Summit – 2021 is over, what's next
By Sergei Klimov • Issue #80 • View online
To those who attended: thanks for coming and braving the wind!
To those who couldn’t, due to travel restrictions: see you in 2022!
Tidbits below –>

Food, tea, coffee, ice cream
We think the morning coffee offering has improved on the last event (those croissants with natural jam, yum yum!).
The idea of a smaller range at lunch allowed the kitchen to deliver higher quality of individual options, which we think worked out well.
All the bread at lunch and dinner was gluten-free. We didn’t stress this enough, I think – we’ll get better next year.
The Tea Bar was a roaring success: not only in terms of number of cups served, but also in saving everyone from the wind thanks to serving tea right during the presentations.
People seem to have enjoyed the coffees and the versatility of the options (I took double affogato, which probably is best called “ice cream dipped in coffee” given the proportions). We’ll work with the same roasters in 2022.
Having open walls allowed folks to step out, grab a drink or a bit of food, and come back seamlessly. We loved it: no more door slamming, and no more “need to wait for the break to grab some tea” limitations.
The Ice Cream Bar was challenged by the wind and the occasional rain. We don’t know yet how many vanilla sticks have been consumed, but we had some left at the end of day two.
The service at dinners and lunches was fast and efficient, considering the challenge of feeding 160 people, and we are grateful to the hotel’s team for doing their best.
People loved the French champagne and the Spanish, Italian and French wines; finished all the Japanese sake and all the Cypriot zivania and all the Icelandic vodka, and went through crates of local craft beer.
In other words, I think the food & drink situation has been all right this year, especially considering the challenges of the weather in the afternoons.
PCR tests, quick tests
I asked Simas to take the photo of the nurse so that those of you who missed the event this year, would still feel a bit of the context: we’ve been taking multiple safety measures to compensate for a number of possible risks.
Some people still went to bars, some went to karaoke; some traveled with masks and some traveled without. It is impossible to control nearly two hundred adults at every point of their journey in and out, so we had to focus on what we could control: testing, ventilation and masking.
So far the only positive case happened outside of the Summit, with the person testing positive upon landing and thus not attending the event (great call!). Here’s hoping that it stays that way, and that we won’t see any spread from the event in the following week.
We’re likely looking at the same measures at Summit 2022 (things can get harder or easier depending on so many circumstances, it’s impossible to guess what we’ll have a year from now), and by this time next year I think that each of us will get better (or just more used to) such measures.
The first panel on day two was the running panel
Good job, people! And some really cool hats.
Happy birthday, Yahor!
On behalf of everyone, a very happy birthday to Yahor Yefanau!
Video links, for the first time
Thanks to Brian, Vanessa, Michael and Vlad for calling in. And Michael – great video! That wallaby is totally invited to the 2022 event!
(we live in the future: Jochen 🇮🇸 from Reykjavik is seen here in Vilnius 🇱🇹, saying Hi to Brian over in Seoul 🇰🇷)
Great panels and presentations, everyone!
Great audience, too!
Thanks for braving the wind!
Do you know of another legal conference that runs live fire pits… real happy that we found these in time.
Next year we’ll also add more heaters.
What's next?
Over the next couple of weeks, we will send:
* brand reports to those who sponsored this year’s Summit
* a bunch of photographs from the event
* final invoices – with the additional charges if you did PCR or antigen tests with the certificates (please pay these as soon as possible as our studio can’t cover the gap for too long)
The Summit returns to Vilnius in mid September 2022 with its 7th edition.
And in addition to the usual Summit next year, we’re now prototyping the idea of a new event dedicated to the introduction of games industry law specifics for non-industry professionals and young lawyers. Basically, you don’t qualify for the Summit if you don’t practice games industry law already, but the new event will not have this requisite as it’s meant to introduce the field.
The working title is Games Industry Law Unpacked (probably we’ll end up writing as UNPACKED, depending on what Mindaugas does with the brand). The event will run for 2 days in mid-to-late May in Warsaw and we’re grateful for all the offers of help and support that this idea has received from the community here at the Summit.
Enjoy your weekend, people – and safe travels to those of you currently in transit!
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Sergei Klimov

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