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Job announcements , top job picks & Bublup Issue #43

Job announcements , top job picks & Bublup Issue #43
By Katleen Bell-Bonjean • Issue #43 • View online
Hello all,
Welcome to the 43rd Issue of Galway Job Connector, my free newsletter packed with tips, insights, and Job opportunities in Galway!
Let me take the opportunity to wish you happiness, joy, fun and good health in 2021. If 2021 is the year you are making a Galway move ( or the year that you are changing jobs in Galway) - read on!
If you find anything of interest why not share it with someone who interested in finding a job in Galway.
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For one of my next newsletters, I am looking for your input about the medical job market - what is the definition of the Medical Industry in Galway, how do you get your first job in this niche, what courses have you taken, who recruits where, salary expectations, and anything else that would be of interest to anyone that would like to pursue a career in the Medical Industry in Galway. Contact me here with your input!

Image taken on my road!
Image taken on my road!
Job Announcements Galway /Remote Jobs
If sadly Covid has the majority of us all sequestered at home till at least the end of January, there were a few welcome job announcements to cheer us up! The trend continues that companies are opening opportunities to talent anywhere in Ireland - Check out Grow Remote who can guide you/train you to help you land those jobs!
Genesys to create 100 new software roles
Medallia to establish sales and support hub in Ireland, creating 100 jobs
Top jobs Picks
I will start to pick a few jobs I came across via Social Media, Twitter, Linkedin that are Galway based or can be done Nationwide(Remote Jobs)
Fidelty Investment started a new recruitment drive just before Christmas , I found 3 separate job adds, for 60+ jobs for Software engineers - also here location can be discussed
Love Knitting? Nationwide
Bublup to help you with your Jobhunt
One of the issues I faced when starting to job hunt was how do I keep track of the jobs I applied for, what job did I apply for, when did I apply, where did I apply, what cover letter and CV I actually sent, the name of the recruiter, the status of each application?
Where do I keep the job description that was emailed to me without having to trawl through my email? What if I saw a job on Social Media ( or anywhere else)and I want to save it for later to review, what if someone sends me a screenshot of a job .. the list goes on…
I have started to use a brilliant new tool called Bublup , it’s both an app on your phone and also an add on your PC. If you decide to join - the free plan gives you everything you need - and you and I will get 1 GB free. I saw it first mentioned in Wade Sellers Newsletters about new Apps and how he uses it to collect the content for his newsletter.
It’s a tool that allows you to save any digital content, organize it based on your needs, and then review it!
I have suggested adding a job-hunting template to Bublup and the team will review it. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel and you’ll get notified when I create a video about it!
Other Resources
If you made it this far, thank you for reading my 43rd Issue!
Don’t forget to give this issue the thumbs up or down!
Yours in Jobhunting!
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Katleen Bell-Bonjean

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