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Do you need a haircut - Covid-19 & Job resources - Issue #31

Do you need a haircut - Covid-19 & Job resources - Issue #31
By Katleen Bell-Bonjean • Issue #31 • View online
Hello all,
Welcome  to Edition  31 of Galway Job Connector’s Newsletter!
My  last newsletter dates from February 2019 ! Shortly afterwards, on St. Patrick’s Day, I slipped and fell and dislocated my shoulder. It would be another 9 weeks before I could start typing again.. and then life and work took over.
I am delighted to report that there are 438 subscribers to my newsletter , nearly 2700 followers on Facebook and 975 followers on Twitter. Come and say hello:)orwhy not share with a friend that is looking for a job in Galway.
Check out my previous 30 newsletters on this platform , on Mailchip and on Tinyletter where I covered a lot of ground such as the types of industries there are in Galway and lot’s of other insights,including remote working opportunities and housing issues.
Ok so what do I have in store for you today?
27(!) years ago this September, I moved from Belgium to Ireland with a backpack. I moved from Dublin to Galway a few years later, and have been here ever since.  I have had a keen interest to figure out where the jobs are, and what skills employers are looking for.  You’ll find resources in this  newsletter, such as newspaper articles and links to search engines and websites and a free job bulletin to help you in your jobsearch.
In my next few newsletters, I will delve deeper on how I go about finding a job in Galway and how to get the most of the websites/search engines ! Stay tuned!

Pre COVID-19
Unemployment rates were hovering around 5 % which is very low , considered near full employment, meaning that employers were struggling to fill positions, and it was an employee’s market. 
Ireland is close to 'full employment', new CSO figures show
COVID-19 arrived
Schools and  Universities closed their doors Thursday 12th of March, followed by businesses considered non-critical.  St - Patrick’s day was cancelled ?! Anybody else ‘s job that could be done from home, was instructed to work from home. To find out what’s considered a critical /essential business according to the Irish Government , check out this Link. The Government introduced a 12 week COVID-19 Pandemic Unemployment Payment , over 500 000 people are availing of these payments. Unemployment rates, seasonally adjusted due to Coronavirus are around 18% and rising. As a reference, at the peak of the recession, unemployment rates were at 15.5% Ouch….
Websites to check
COVID Response Jobs Ireland
Remote Jobs Ireland
Home - Health Service Executive
All 'jobs announcements' news | Silicon Republic
Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Volunteer Ireland
Other Resources
Check out the weekly Job bulletin, published on a Thursday by Galway Rural Development This is a unique resource to get an overview of jobs advertised in local papers, some online jobs, combined with information about CE schemes and training opportunities. Subscribe at the bottom of their page
Thank you for reading my 31st Newsletter! Does it have (some) information you are looking for? Or what information are you looking for? If you are interested in a more detailed conversation in your job search, or want to advertise a job or sponsor my newsletter, drop me an email
Greetings from Galway,
Check out our little paint project:)
Paint the fence during COVID-19
Paint the fence during COVID-19
Did you enjoy this issue?
Katleen Bell-Bonjean

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