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From Tomorrow to Today: Futurist Gerd Leonhard's Best Finds - Issue #11

Greetings everyone, here is the next edition of my newsletter.  First, if you're in London next week

The latest updates and must-reads by Futurist Gerd Leonhard

September 1 · Issue #11 · View online
The latest news and updates from Gerd Leonhard, Futurist & Humanist, Keynote Speaker, Author of 'Technology vs Humanity', Film-Maker, CEO of The Futures Agency in Zürich / Switzerland. Humanity Futures, Technology & Humanity, Digital Ethics, the New Renaissance, Sustainable Capitalism and more. The future better than we think - we just need to govern it wisely!

Greetings everyone, here is the next edition of my newsletter. 
First, if you’re in London next week please join me for the ‘Technology versus Humanity’ book launch on Sept 8 (this is a free event and almost all seats are now reserved so click now or never:) or for this special London Futurists event on Sept 10.  Find out more about my new book here, order it with a final pre-release discount via my publisher (bulk deals, too) here, and read my brand-new 'TVH memes and bottom-lines’ summary here.
Second, just in case you are close-by, the world premier of my new interactive live program (finally, sans clicker and the conventional slide-deck marathon) called The Future Show Live will happen at SIBOS / Innotribe 2016 in Geneva, on September 28 - watch out for the video recording soon afterwards. With TFSLive we will attempt nothing less than to redefine the very meaning of 'keynote presentation’.
Thanks for being a subscriber, and if you enjoy my updates please share this newsletter as widely as possible using the links below. 
Kind regards from Zürich!
Futurist | Humanist | Keynote Speaker | Author | CEO The Futures Agency

Technology versus Humanity
Conversations with Gerd #1: a short video introducing my new book "Technology vs Humanity"
Technology Vs. Human - Who Is Going To Win? An Interview With Gerd Leonhard (Forbes)
IEET Interview with me, about my new book
New podcast interview with Gerd Leonhard: Technology vs Humanity? Via Digital Mindfulness
Now read this! (department of digital heretics:)
The internet as an engine of liberation is an innocent fraud | Nicholas Carr, Aeon Essays
Yuval Noah Harari on big data, Google and the end of free will —
via the same FT piece  © Janne Iivonen
via the same FT piece © Janne Iivonen
More man-machine stuff to read
Where machines could replace humans--and where they can’t (yet) | McKinsey & Company
Machines of Loving Grace: interview with John Markoff
I already live in the future — and so should you - by Vivek Wadhwa
The ethics of self-driving cars – what would you do? | World Economic Forum
Of prediction and policy | The Economist
Department of tech enthusiasm
72 stunning things in the future that will be common ten years from now that don’t exist today | DaVinci Institute
Department of AI and IA and AGI
Who Should Control Artificial Intelligence?
How AI is disrupting the world’s largest industries
Everything becomes smarter... except for us?
The truth about smart cities: ‘In the end, they will destroy democracy' | The Guardian
Some of my best resources
GerdFeed: Futurist Gerd Leonhard's Best Links
All my films, videos and keynotes on Technology vs Humanity
Finally, here is my tentative travel schedule for the rest of this year; we keep it constantly updated as it changes. Feel free to ping me to meet up if desired!
Over and out - and thanks for reading!
Stay hungry stay foolish :)  Or: Stay human -stay happy!
Stay hungry stay foolish :) Or: Stay human -stay happy!
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