End of year giveaway 🎁





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End of year giveaway 🎁
By Rohit Das • Issue #2 • View online
Namaste 😊 🙏,
I am Rohit Das, and we have already connected via email a few times.
Re-introducing myself to avoid confusion -
I am the founder of the Secret Message site - ( both SecretM.me and QuizPrank.xyz )
I just wanted to wish you and your family a Happy New Year!
I also have something exciting for you 🙈
But first, a little paragraph of gratitude-
Every year Millions of amazing people collect Secret Messages on SecretM.Me 😍
What started as a side project for me 🧳 quickly became a full-time business 💼
I have so much gratitude for you people that I can’t say! 🙏
So, as a gesture of gratitude, I wanted to run a Giveaway 🎁
I am a student so I can’t do big giveaways like other brands 😕, but I can afford a 100$ giveaway 😅
Presenting you -

The Year-End Giveaway, Student Style 😂
In this giveaway, every day, one lucky winner will recieve 10$.
On 1st January, the participant with the most number of entries will receive 30$.
How to enter the giveaway?
  1. Click on the giveaway link below.
  2. Complete each action and earn entries.
Actions are simple like - sharing your secret message link with friends, following us on any social site and joining the newsletter.
Since you have already joined the newsletter, you will get 100 entries for free!
Join the giveaway using the link below!
The Year End Giveaway, Student Style 🧸
That’s all from me today!
P.S. - If you want to give me feedback/share a story or just want to say hi, you can totally reply to this email.
Make sure to read the terms and conditions before entering the giveaway. You can find terms at the bottom of the giveaway page.
Did you enjoy this issue?
Rohit Das

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