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By Glenn Southam

Follow The Bear - Despair and anger.



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June 27 · Issue #126 · View online
Follow The Bear
😔 I don’t often comment on current affairs via the newsletter. I don’t always think it’s the right medium to express my personal views, but I understand that I’m in a privileged position to have a platform that allows me to speak to so many of you every week.
I know that a large majority of our readers are women and that many of them will be feeling attacked, scared and angry because of the decision made by the Supreme Court in the US last week. There’s not much I can say or do, but I’ll be supporting you however I can. This affects women all over the world.
I want to see all of those recruitment companies (all companies actually) based in Texas and other states that are likely to remove women’s rights, make a stand. I want them to be vocal, I want them to take action. This real-life Handmaid’s Tale cannot continue.
It’s so wrong.
If you don’t like or agree with what I’ve just said then get in the sea and hit the unsubscribe button.
Let’s get on with it.

Insight and resources.
[TEMPLATE] Culture club.
Is it purpose and/or growth?
Erm, utm.
Staying in the loop.
Make better content with AI?
What's happening with GDPR?
Linky link, link.
Get started on GA4.
And finally...
What are you lot saying and doing?
An event you might want to know about.
Make the most of your professional life
And we're done.
Worklife sees two shiny new starters join the team this week in the middle of an office rebuild. Hectic positivity all around.
On the personal front, and for what seems the 100th consecutive week, I’m off on Friday. I’m heading down to camp at Silverstone and take in Formula 1 live, for the first time. Can’t wait. Fingers crossed for good weather as I’m a complete novice at outdoor living.
How are we halfway through the year? I hope June ends up well for you all and that the next six months are full of progress and success.
Also, I see Robinsons and Wimbledon have ended their relationship of nearly 100 years. I hope it was a cordial breakup…
Have a good one.
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