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June 13 · Issue #124 · View online
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🚀 Does it feel like recruitment marketers are more in demand at the moment than ever before? The roles, opportunity and urgency floating about our bubble is crazy but in a very positive way.
I truly believe it’s a prime time to look forward as your career, assess where you want to be and have the conversations you need to have. This isn’t a call to quit existing roles or anything but marketing in recruitment has come out of the pandemic, even with a potential recession looming, in a far more valued place. And that’s down to your efforts over the past couple of years.
Get opportunity-grabbing and enjoy the week!

Insight and resources.
[REPORT] Recruitment trends report.
LinkedIn's new B2B consultancy.
Get out of your seat, and speak.
Nobody cares.
Just being normal...
Getting the balance right.
Time to pause and reflect.
Are you posting on TikTok at the right time?
Marketing vs. promotion.
What are you lot saying and doing?
Anyone for waffles?
Events you might want to know about.
Fancy a run this week?
Recruitment Agency Expo.
And we're done.
🇪🇸 It feels like I’m everywhere but home at the moment and this issue of FTB is being finalised ridiculously early in Gatwick Airport before I shoot off to Barcelona for a stag do…
Of course, I’m presuming I actually got out there with all of the airport carnage and my laptop is with me in case I get ‘Stranded in Spain’ as well.
Sorry to shatter the illusion if you thought I write this first thing every Monday morning…
Have a good one.
Marketoonist hits the nail on the head again.
Marketoonist hits the nail on the head again.
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