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By Glenn Southam

Recruitment marketing goodness for the week.

Recruitment marketing goodness for the week.

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Follow The Bear - The marketing variant.

Any significant Black Friday purchases from the community? I treated myself to a heat gun for no particular reason other than it looks fun. I still can't find a suitable transportation device (bag) for the new computer and Santa can't afford Prada versions.At…


Follow The Bear - It's a race.

There will be no Lonely Marketers Crimbo drinks this year but we are thinking about doing a January pick-me-up type gathering. So any New Years Resolutions that you were never going to keep anyway around having nights out, get them out of your head already. 😉…


Follow The Bear - Pitted olives.

I treated myself to a new MacBook a few weeks ago but have still not opened it. It's the most expensive box I own. The trouble is, I haven't found a suitable bag (I don't want a backpack) to carry all 16 inches of it around on public transport.Any suitable li…


Follow The Bear - Your #expectedguest.

After two weeks of not living in my new house. I'm finally back in with sparkly new electrics and the internet in every room. It's not quite Tony Stark levels of connectivity and tech but we've got to start somewhere, right?Have a great week everyone, I'm get…


Follow The Bear - Big fish, little fish, cardboard box.

I put a deposit down for a turkey at the weekend. We're 55 days away from Christmas. Where the blinkin' hell has the year gone?Trips down the M4 and Newcastle are in the pipeline for me this week and I'm also giving myself Thursday afternoon off for a daddy/d…


Follow The Bear - Time to change the narrative.

You know I said I moved house last week? This week sees me move out for a couple of weeks as we get the place rewired. Fun and games eh...?If you're trick or treatin', pumpkin pickin' or celebrating Halloween in any other way then enjoy it and I'll speak and …


Follow The Bear - Happy birthday to me.

Well, we finally got there. A manic couple of days last week finally saw me move out of a house I'd lived in for 16 years. It started as me and two other mates straight out of university and when they left, I hung around and ended up starting my family there.…


Follow The Bear - Zuckerpunched.

Not much time to do write anything witty or insightful here, I've got boxes to pack... 📦If you're at the Global Recruiter awards on Thursday let me know, I'll be loitering around.-Glenn


Follow The Bear - It's our time. Grab it.

Well done to all those who took part in the London Marathon this weekend. I finished the race back in 2013 and try to go and watch every year. There are very few events that show our capital city in the best possible light. The support, enthusiasm and positiv…


Follow The Bear - TLMers clean up at the Recruiter Awards.

That's it. We're officially into Autumn and October is pending this week. And we all know that only means one thing...tenuous links between Halloween and recruitment are imminent.On the personal front, I really enjoyed my couple of days off last week for a fa…


Follow The Bear - The Rise of the Recruitment Marketer.

For the first time in a while, I've got two days off at the end of this week as the sister-in-law is getting married. A forced bit of downtime without being online is a bit daunting for somebody like me but we all need that bit of cold turkey now and again. I…


Follow The Bear - Fresh watermelon, anyone?

I spent a bit of time this week in the posh part of the north west. I was lucky enough to spend some time with a client celebrating a big milestone in their history and had dinner with a couple of Manchester United and City players in close proximity.Was all …


Follow The Bear - Back to school?

A huge huge huge congratulations to Team GB on their incredible haul at the Paralympics in Tokyo.Being 'inspirational' gets thrown around far too much in today's world but the stories, experiences and achievements of these athletes is something we should cert…


Follow The Bear - Time to hustle.

I usually understand the great Seth Godin's snippets but this one flummoxed me. If anyone can work out the analogy then please let me know.On another note, my eagerness to get around the country to meet people was quickly diminished last week as I sat on a no…


Follow The Bear - Just say no.

Ventured outside of my South-East bubble this weekend to travel up to the Midlands to visit the younger sister and be tested on all of the trains living on the is Sodor by my eldest. I failed.Also, SurveyMonkey has rebranded to Momentive. This is like when Ma…


Follow The Bear - Knowing you, knowing me.

I'm now entering 500 days plus in my house move saga. I've been frustrated and perplexed in my life but if there were any more biscuits to take, they would most definitely be taken.On the plus side, I feel like proper 'normal' is coming back. Work trips being…


Follow The Bear - Edging closer and closer...

I spent the weekend in Newcastle and learnt a couple of things. Firstly, I'm not as young as I used to be and simply can't keep up as the elder statesman of the group. Secondly, how blinking good was it to have three days without opening my laptop. Probably t…


Follow The Bear - The impact of mentorship on marketing.

I was a combination of proud/emotional and reflective last Thursday when we managed to get some of the community together for a few drinks and nibbles (thanks Paiger for stumping up the cash).I'm excited by what we can do moving forward to create more great e…


Follow The Bear - That's the way, aha, aha I like it.

Favourite Olympic event? Has to be a bit of rowing for me I think. One of many events that I take absolutely no interest in for four years but will then watch every evening in the highlights reel (much to Danielle's rolling eyes emojis).I'll hopefully get to …


Follow The Bear - Can we be more e-commerce-like?

I finally got my second jab this week at the brilliant Guys Hospital in London. Did anyone else have their second one in their leg rather than their arm?My Pfizer killing me... 👀On that note, let's go do this.-Glenn