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By Glenn Southam

Recruitment marketing goodness for the week.

Recruitment marketing goodness for the week.

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Follow The Bear - So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye,

So, that's it for a couple of weeks. If you want to find out what I get up to in Malta, then please feel free to join me over on Instagram. I'm also attempting to ramp up my training for the Big Half in September so will be getting some hot and sweaty runs in…


Follow The Bear - Live life to the full.

Summer holidays have started for the kids. That's the newsletter close.😭Have a good one.-Glenn


Follow The Bear - That's not my name!

For the UK this week, there is a realistic possibility that humans will actually melt.Make sure you have plenty of ice in your pockets, drink plenty of water and send me on any photos of ridiculous sunburn.Seriously though, take care. 😎Have a good one.-Glenn


Follow The Bear - Check yo' self before you wreck yo' self.

Youngest turns two this week, which means getting plans drawn up for an extension to house the inevitable deluge of toys and gifts that will only get played with once. Competitive side also will be kicking in as the oldest has his first sports day. Hopefully …


Follow The Bear - A quick pit stop.

Your usual smorgasbord of recruitment marketing news to kick-start your week is having to take a break today.A combination of a long weekend at Silverstone to watch the British Grand Prix, taking four and half hours to leave the campsite last night and a slo…


Follow The Bear - Despair and anger.

Worklife sees two shiny new starters join the team this week in the middle of an office rebuild. Hectic positivity all around.On the personal front, and for what seems the 100th consecutive week, I'm off on Friday. I'm heading down to camp at Silverstone and …


Follow The Bear - A train to nowhere.

Treating myself my son to a trip to Legoland on Friday. I'm pretty sure that means I'm breaking the law with regards to schools and stuff but keep it between us eh, it was the only day the free vouchers were valid.I won't be able to resist getting myself some…


Follow The Bear - Buenas, quiero una cerveza por favor.

🇪🇸 It feels like I'm everywhere but home at the moment and this issue of FTB is being finalised ridiculously early in Gatwick Airport before I shoot off to Barcelona for a stag do...Of course, I'm presuming I actually got out there with all of the airport car…


Follow The Bear - It's not that strange, is it?

You know how I was somewhat 'gloating' about shooting off to France last week? Well, I did a Del Boy after one-too-many glasses of fizz and fell into an empty space before face planting into gravel. There was a lot of explaining I had to do to with the five f…


Follow The Bear - What have you got Toulouse?

🇺🇸 Happy Memorial Day to our American friends.🇬🇧 Congrats to Her Majesty on her Jubilee celebrations.Enjoy your shorter week if you're fortunate enough to have fewer days with your nose to the grind. Take a some time to yourself.Have a good one.-Glenn


Follow The Bear - If Elon can do it, so can we.

My "get in the sea" moment happened when I read this article about the 'phygital' world. That's not a word, I'm not having it.Short week as I head to the south of France for a delayed 2020 wedding of an old school friend. Without the kids. 🥳Have a good one.-G…


Follow The Bear - Just do it.

I had the pleasure of being invited to Talint's event on DEI last week. Loads of great talks from a brilliant panel (including TLMer Helena Sullivan). If you're interested in taking a look at the slides please let me know and I'll see if I can get permission …


Follow The Bear - What's in it for me?

I'm currently at a 30% InMail acceptance rate for those following my "practice what I preach" journey of recruiting. Pretty happy with that.Also signed up for Vitality's Big Half in September so need to get a proper training plan in place. Anyone with any goo…


Follow The Bear - It's not you, it's me.

So Elon Musk now owns this newsletter after snapping up Twitter. He really is a real-life Lex Luther.For those of you based in the UK, I hope you've had/are having a lovely bank holiday and have topped up those energy levels. For those not in the UK, Happy Mo…


Follow The Bear - (Not) Emily in Paris.

My five-year-old son Arthur was really playing up with writing his 'rainbow' words last week so we wrote a message in his school book asking his teacher to remind him of the importance of homework. When we picked him up from school, we asked the teacher where…


Follow The Bear - There must be a mini egg somewhere...?

I saw a couple of posts last week saying that LinkedIn is enabling people super-admins to choose to comment from company accounts. As usual, I don't seem to have the feature just yet but something to keep an eye on.Anyway, I hope you've got some chocolate lef…


Follow The Bear - Blisters & Bleeding.

Wish me luck this week. I'm spending a few days down on the South Coast navigating inevitable downpours, Peppa Pig World 🐷 and the distinct possibility of kids overdosing on easter eggs.Have a good one, I'll see you on the other side.-Glenn


Follow The Bear - No offence to Cheltenham.

What an insane week of weather here in the UK. A week after talking about the sun putting everyone in a good mood, the snow starts falling and whacks me with a stonking head cold.Hoping there is some sun in Valencia. Which is where I should be when this email…


Follow The Bear - Summer, summer, summertime.*

🇪🇸 This week I'll be mainly getting ready for my first "social" overseas trip since 2019 as I had to Valencia for a long weekend. I've forgotten how to prepare for stag dos, haven't got a clue on travel rules anymore and am certainly well out of practice when…


Follow The Bear - I'm going back to the dark side.

It makes such a blinkin' difference when the sun is shining eh? We're only a degree or two away from flipflops, shorts and pictures of left-behind-rubbish across every green space in the UK.Seriously though, get some of the vitamin D into you if you can, it m…