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Here is’s community newsletter for the two weeks commencing 1st February. Get comfy, and be ready for a short but an exciting edition of our newsletter.
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Highlights of the fortnight and Festo Team To Launch Decentralized Manufacturing Marketplace
Festo to utilize Autonomous Economic Agents to transform existing control systems reducing challenges associated with conventional, centralized manufacturing processes.
As its first foray into blockchain, Festo, an over 90 year veteran in the manufacturing sector, is working with to develop a decentralized manufacturing marketplace using its Multi-Agent based architecture and technology stack. The decentralized manufacturing framework will utilize’s Autonomous Economic Agents to transform existing manufacturing control systems at Festo making them more efficient.
Announcing “ Phoenix”: FET Staking for MTLX Tokens
The Mettalex and teams are thrilled to announce the first Phoenix program, dedicated to FET staking for a high yield in MTLX tokens. This is the second MTLX distribution program dedicated to FET token holders. 250,000 MTLX tokens will be available to those staking FET over a period of three months.
For more details, head over to our Medium blog.
Become a network validator on the Mainnet
With the Mainnet v2.0 around the corner, we are looking for validators to help run the network. As part of this onboarding process we are encouraging validator partners to join our incentivized test-net.
As part of this programme we want to brief our validator community about what it means to run a validator, where you can get support as well as establish a dedicated community group. As a runner of a validator you play an integral role in maintaining the network and will be an important voice in the future of the network.
Interested? (We hope so!) Click here for more info and please fill out this survey so we better understand you as a potential validator. and Datarella technical details on Smart Parking field trials for Metropolitan Areas
M-ZONE: Efficient Smart Parking For Metropolitan Areas
M-ZONE: Efficient Smart Parking For Metropolitan Areas
We’ve all been there. It seems like every time you go downtown you end up stuck in traffic and then have to drive in circles for ten minutes searching blindly for a parking spot. Even if you have one of the “digital” parking apps you can only park in a limited number of “in-network” spots. We think we’ve got a solution for this mess.
In the video, above you’ll ride along with a real driver during one of our field tests leveraging autonomous economic agents and AI-enabled smart parking garages. Further down in this article we’ll examine the environmental, social, and technical aspects of our “M-Zone Parking Liquidity Protocol” approach to solving the parking riddle in cities.
Check out the details on the technicalities of the field trials here.
Community updates
Beacon World Evolved Launch
Beacon world evolved (BWE) is the second stage of our program for testing the blockchain and for preparing our community for the launch of our v2.0 main-net.The BWE programme will reward users and potential validators for gaining experience with the software ecosystem around the main-network.
These tasks don’t require any technical knowledge or programming experience; all you need is an interest in and a willingness to help shape its future direction. The only requirement is your interest in using technology to change the way we live and help in doing so
Find out more here.
Signing off for another fortnight
Thank you for reading the newsletter and staying up to date. We will be back in a fortnight with more updates on our upcoming Mainnet launch and more. Join the conversation with the rest of our community on Discord
We hope you have a fantastic weekend.
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