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We are back with the community newsletter for the two weeks commencing 19 October 2020. It’s all about rewards rewards rewards this week. If you want to find out how to be involved in over 1 million FET in rewards, get excited and keep reading.
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Highlight of the fortnight
Our Incentivized Testnet has Launched
1 Million FET - I want some of that
1 Million FET - I want some of that
Last week we launched the first stage our Incentivized Testnet program. This stage will help get you set up to be part of over a MILLION $FET in the coming months .
The AW-1 activities will on-board people to the agent and ledger ecosystem. We start with a focus on agents. All interactions with ledger and SOEF happen via the agent framework. Here is the basic info of what is planned in our ‘getting started’ phase.
First phase, AW-1: getting started (22nd Oct - 1st Nov)
Community: discord | Resources:
42,500 FET in rewards available
Phase 1 tasks
  1. Join discord channel
  2. Download and install AEA framework including CLI on own machine
  3. Create a developer account on AEA Registry via CLI (including optional marketing opt-in)
  4. Fetch the registration agent from AEA Registry via CLI
  5. Create test-net address in for registration agent via CLI
  6. Sign test-net address with ethereum account and provide ethereum address and signature
  7. Configure simple-registration agent to include your developer handle & optionally a link to a tweet which must reference the developer handle and link to incentivized testnet landing page.
  8. Run the registration agent which registers the agent and the provided data with a agent
  9. Stop agent
  10. Verify funds received: use CLI to check wealth in wallet
  11. Use CLI to send funds from the registration agent to a address
  12. Optionally, provide feedback in survey
Full instructions have been published here
The first 150 individuals to successfully setup and complete the AW-1 tasks will be rewarded 250 FET. It’s not too late, there’s still rewards available!
It’s a breeze, make your agent today, get it onto the digital world, and position it where you are!
Coming soon: 
  • AW-2 - My first own agent (2 weeks: 2. - 15 Nov)
  • AW-3 - Many agents interacting (2 weeks: 16. - 29 Nov)
Head to on to participate.
Join the discussion on discord
Other News
Mettalex Liquidity Rewards Program is LIVE
Big news! We have launched a liquidity incentive to encourage network participants to provide liquidity to the MTLX / USDT pair on Uniswap.
Over 3000 MTLX has already been rewarded but that’s just the start. The program is LIVE until the 4pm on the 13th of November so you still have time to get involved and earn rewards.
Supply Chains Deep Dive & Community Q&A
Join Dr Alexandra Brintrup, Dr Liming Xu and Maria Minaricova
Join Dr Alexandra Brintrup, Dr Liming Xu and Maria Minaricova
Our Supply Chains Deep Dive & Community Q&A in partnership with the University of Cambridge was so much fun! Don’t worry if you missed it, there is still time to watch the full recording online now.
Hear from Humayun on the TX Tomorrow Explored Podcast
Tx Tomorrow Explored is always worth a listen!
Tx Tomorrow Explored is always worth a listen!
Check out the latest Tx Tomorrow Explored podcast to hear our CEO Humayun Sheikh discuss the following:
How the Web 3 space is evolving and the momentum behind different blockchains?
How is using blockchain and smart contracts to enable collective learning?
How can building AI models collectively can work in practice?
Watch on Youtube or listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify
Incentivized Testnet Continues
Those rewards are just too good to miss!
Those rewards are just too good to miss!
No don’t worry, you are reading that right. We know it sounds too good to be true, but there really is OVER 1 MILLION FET in rewards over all the testnet phases. Full instructions have been published here.
Signing off for another fortnight
Thank you for reading the newsletter and staying up to date.
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We hope you have a fantastic weekend.
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