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Here is’s community newsletter for the two weeks commencing 4th January. Get comfy, and be ready for a short but exciting edition.
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Highlight of the fortnight - Roadmap Release
Pathway to Mainnet v2.0–2021 Q1 roadmap
The development activities of the past year are now reaching a conclusion in our planned upgrade of the mainnet, which we anticipate taking place in March 2021. 
Mainnet v2.0 will create a fully integrated system between the ledger and our frameworks that is accessible and makes it easy for the community to build upon the network with FET is the essential part: it provides the fuel for agents to get things done and find each other, the method of value exchange, and the way in which network users operate the network and take part in the decisions that map out how it evolves. 
To launch Mainnet v2.0 we will be progressively upgrading the four key aspects of the system over the coming 3 months. The Agent Framework, Collective Learning, the Open Economic Framework (SOEF, providing search and discovery) and the Ledger.
Community Updates
Agent World 4 is LIVE
Agent World 4 Agent World 4 (AW-4) is the fourth part of our agent-themed incentivised testnet.
It allows anyone with FET tokens to gain additional FET by re-using and adapting agents from AW-2/3 in order to continuously have a large population of agents live and engage in exchange.
We are offering over 50,000 FET in AW-4 Rewards
This is open to a broader range of developers, including those just starting out: it’s always easier to modify an existing agent than create a new one, and AW-4 makes available all the agents from AW-2/3 for all to work with via the agent registry.
GAINS associates interview with Humayun Sheikh
In this interview, Humayun shares how Fetch’s technology will improve how we communicate and give voice and new opportunities to people and organizations. You can watch the full interview here.
iOS SOEF Viewer app is here
We now have an iOS SOEF Viewer app after approval from apple for external beta testers.
If any developers are interested, you can contact with your name and email to join the early access program.
You’ll need an iPhone running iOS 13.0 or above.
We’ll take first 10 at this stage! Get in touch!
Technology Spotlight
Agent Framework v0.9.0 and SOEF 0.3.7 released
Welcome to 2021, let it be a great one! We’re getting really close to v1.0 and it’s super exciting: after working hard throughout the Christmas and New Year break, we’ve released updates for the agent framework and the SOEF, and there’s more to come: AW-4, SOEF explorer web site, and a ton more. Check out the full release notes here.
Signing off for another fortnight
Thank you for reading the newsletter and staying up to date.
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