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Here is’s community newsletter for the two weeks commencing 16th November. And what a two weeks it has been. There is never a boring week in crypto.
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Highlight of the fortnight - New Partnerships
Hegic Launches “Autonomous Hegician” Options Trading Tool Built on Autonomous Agent Framework
We were thrilled to announce that Hegic launched their “Autonomous Hegician” options trading tool built on our framework.
The Artificial Intelligence Agents will work on behalf of Hegic users to optimize their trading strategies by auto-executing trades that are about to expire, taking profit at pre-determined levels, and by enabling arbitrage between different markets.
The Autonomous Hegician application will eliminate concerns associated with expired contracts for users of the Hegic protocol by automatically executing option trades that are about to expire.
To learn more on our partnership with Hegic, just click here partners with Cudo to deliver machine learning services at scale
We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Cudo. Nuno Pereira, Cudo’s VP of Partnerships noted:
“We have been working closely with this year since joining the Outlier Ventures ecosystem. Their team are pioneers and share our vision of making better use of the world’s computing power by providing the ability to run machine learning workloads securely over a distributed and decentralised network, with Cudo and the decentralised CUDOS network becoming a key supply partner for their scaling demand.”
To learn more on our partnership with Cudo, just click here
Developer Community News
Agent World 3 is Here
The third stage of our Agent World incentivized testnet program has launched.
During this stage, anyone with FET tokens can be part of over 100,00 FET in rewards by re-using and adapting agents from AW-2 in order to further grow the useful population of agents.
This is open to a broader range of developers, including those just starting out: it’s always easier to modify an existing agent than create a new one, and AW-3 makes available all the agents from AW-2 for all to work with via the agent registry. Get involved.
The AW-3 leaderboard is really heating up, get involved now. Add in name, classification and genus to your agents and be even more likely to win.
Prior to the launch of AW-3, we had around 30 or so agents operational and with AW-3 ongoing, this number has increased to 400+. This is great. Join us on discord to see how you can contribute.
Agent Frameworks 0.7.4 and 0.7.5 released
Guess what? In the last fortnight, we came at you with not just one, but two new agent framework releases.
Recent Spotlights on
Press Release by Fast Company
This AI-powered parking garage rewards you for not driving- uses artificial intelligence to put a price on parking—and a test is underway in Munich.
Not so long ago, we’d announced our partnership with Datarella focusing on smart city infrastructure field trials in Munich (Germany) and this has been featured by Fast Company (see image above).
The smart city infrastructure field trials set to launch in Connex Buildings, will be utilizing multi-agent blockchain-based AI digitization services to unlock data and provide smart mobility solutions across its commercial real estate properties in the city center of Munich. This smart city solution has the potential to reduce traffic congestion by 10% resulting a 34,000 tonnes annual Co2 emission reduction. You can read about more about the partnership on Fast Company as well as on’s blog.
Global FinTech Series Interview with Humayun
In a recent interview with Global FinTech Series, Humayun Sheikh, CEO and Founder at, shared his thoughts on how decentralized applications are ready to impact the global financial sector and more importantly the role fetch stands to play in disrupting that space. x BinanceNigeria Community AMA
Missed our recent AMA with BinanceNigeria? No worries. You can access the full recap right here
The team had a lovely time answering all of your questions during the AMA. From discussing autonomous economic agents to exciting field trials, and digging deep into our goals for the future, it’s definitely worth a read and catching up on what Fetch has been working on.
Signing off for another fortnight
Thank you for reading the newsletter and staying up to date.
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We hope you have a fantastic weekend.
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