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Here is’s community newsletter for the two weeks commencing 30th November. Grab a cuppa, a slice of cake and get ready for an exciting edition.
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Highlight of the fortnight - Collective Learning
Collective Learning: COVID-19 Field Trials CEO Humayun Sheikh Explains the CoLearn Product Suite | Blockchain AI | CEO Humayun Sheikh Explains the CoLearn Product Suite | Blockchain AI |
Our collective learning network delivers a secure, global AI model to detect COVID-19 and is improving health outcomes.
The tool enables distributed parties to work together to train machine learning models without sharing the underlying data. Multiple global participants can train and benefit from the model.
The nodes in this experiment are located in Los Angeles and London clusters but new results in one location can benefit all! We hope to see nodes on every continent eventually.
New hospitals / healthcare institutions around the world are invited to join.
The project achieved 97% diagnostic accuracy.
We are hosting an exclusive webinar today at 2PM. Secure your place now.
Recent Spotlight on
Press Release by Forbes
“’s CoLearn Network consists of hospitals and private practices using machine learning models to train X-ray image data from nodes in a distributed network between LA and London. The model correctly identified COVID-19 patients from pneumonia or other causes with 97% accuracy.”
In case you missed it...
Collective Learning: COVID-19 Field Trials Case Study Webinar is Happening Today
Join CEO and Co-founder Humayun Sheikh and CTO Jonathan Ward to learn more about our brand new collective learning case study and how it could be used in the battle against Covid-19.
-Collective Learning Overview 
-Deep Dive into Covid Collective Learning Case Study 
-Community Q&A
The event is happening at 2PM GMT today. Secure your place now.
Agent World 3 Was a Huge Success
Map showing some of the testnet agents popping up across the globe
Map showing some of the testnet agents popping up across the globe
Agent World 3 is now complete and your engagement was fantastic. The progress this enabled on the testnet has been immense. Some quick statistics to give you all a sense of the scale
Total search queries: 608,070
Total agents ever on the network: 224,346
Total number of agents found by other agents: 1,025,693 (some agents found more than once)
Highest number of agents online at once: 1,219
However, this is just the beginning, big next stage announcements coming in the next few days - stay tuned.
Agent World 4 is coming next week!
Community AMA
Missed our recent Telegram Community AMA? No worries. You can access the full recap right here
The team had a lovely time answering all of your questions during the AMA. From discussing Mettalex to exciting field trials, and digging deep into our goals for the future, it’s definitely worth a read and catching up on what Fetch has been working on.
Humayun Sheikh Interview
How do you balance the grand and noble goal to make the world a better place with your research but with the added risk of compartmentalization of this research by a tech giant.’s CEO and Founder Humayun Sheikh shared his thoughts on DeepMind’s recent breakthrough and how their continued collaboration with Google is at odds against the common good for the society.
Signing off for another fortnight
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