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Fair Warning - Why is recycling plastic so difficult?

Hola! I started writing this while I was ill last week but never finished it, so here it is, two week
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Why is recycling plastic so difficult?
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #61 • View online
Hola! I started writing this while I was ill last week but never finished it, so here it is, two weeks late. I did actually manage to write this blog about how I bought my apartment in Cardiff, which I hope is honest enough to be useful for people. This newsletter was written while listening to Wolves Without Teeth (YouTube version, for people who don’t use Spotify).

First, a couple of non-data things I think worth sharing… Comedian Rob Delaney wrote a beautiful, heart-wrenching post about losing his two-year-old son Henry. Read it. You will cry, because you are human - and that’s ok.
On a much lighter note: What does Eminem sound like as a Talking Heads song? Err, this. It’s a complete delight, and basically my new favourite song.
Lastly, I was completely bowled over by this amazing pictorial map of the north American continent. It’s taken the artist four years to make and is still not finished.
On the home front
All the plastic you can and cannot recycle
A small thing, but I enjoyed this Twitter thread by Tom Forth, about his company’s app that has helped people in Luton understand what bins to put out and when. This ties in a bit to the recycling issue - people get confused about when to put out recycling vs standard household waste. Not helped by the fact each local authority is different (again. Why.)
Over the pond
Florence path: Tracking hurricane impact times and maps
Odds and ends
See Inside Typhoon Mangkhut in 3-D
Some genius at Bloomberg has made a model which estimates how many Model 3 cars Tesla has produced so far. As of writing, it’s about 3,000 a week. On the one hand it does feel like everyone wants to crap on Elon Musk nowadays but on the other, to paraphrase Radiohead: He did it to himself.
Bad chart of the week
Entirely leaving aside the content of this, this is a really truly bad way to visualise this collection of data. Common sense and data viz wisdom passed down from tutor to tutee says don’t use pie/donut charts for a dataset which has more than five categories. Find the real thing here.
That’s all for this week!
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