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Fair Warning - VP picks, border clashes, and a second wave

Hello! No you didn't miss an edition of Fair Warning last week, I just didn't write/send one. I'm str
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - VP picks, border clashes, and a second wave
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #117 • View online
Hello! No you didn’t miss an edition of Fair Warning last week, I just didn’t write/send one. I’m struggling with lockdown/pandemic fatigue, just like everybody else. I am so very sick of it all. Good things I discovered during this week, though: Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Velvet Goldmine, and another banger from The Weeknd. I can’t say it’s been all terrible. :)
ANYWAY, Happy Fathers’ Day to all the dads out there. Special mention to my own, who always reads Fair Warning. I haven’t seen my family since March, and I normally go back to London every 6-8 weeks or so. It must be hard for him, knowing that his favourite daughter is moving across the pond soon…

Over the pond
America’s anachronistic electoral college gives Republicans an edge
I still can’t link to The Washington Post on my newsletter without it throwing a hissy fit (really sorry for trying to send you traffic??) so here’s a nice link to a good article about Confederate monuments.
Joe Biden said he will pick a woman as his vice president. Who should it be?
India-China clash
Global Data Reveals Inequality of Pandemic Travel
A Rainforest, Maya Ruins and the Fight Over a Tourist Train
Odds and ends
You Know Karen
Bad chart of the week
There was one really bad one everyone was talking about a couple of weeks ago and I completely forgot to include it. Thanks to Rob who showed me this travesty of a bar graph (how hard is it to make a decent bar graph? Really?) - please take a gander at this and see if you also enjoy the hilarity of trying to present net favourability alongside the err, absolute values:
That’s everything for today. No ‘on the home front’ because I can’t honestly find anything good from the UK. I’m open to suggestions if people have any! If you enjoyed Fair Warning, please do forward onto other people who also might enjoy it! You can also buy me a coffee, or sign up to be a Patron of Fair Warning. See you next week!
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