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Fair Warning - US Census data, Chinese hell, and covid travelling

Fair Warning
Fair Warning - US Census data, Chinese hell, and covid travelling
By Soph Warnes • Issue #141 • View online
Hello! I’ve been ridiculously inconsistent with sending this lately; I’m moving soon so am spending my ‘spare’ time trying new hobbies, enjoying the most of my time left with friends, and trying to sort out and get rid of stuff I own. Work doesn’t get any less busy either. But all is well!
Some fun/interesting things I’ve seen lately:

On the home front
Britons wouldn’t ditch pensions ‘triple lock’ rule, even in cases where it might not be fair
'NHS abandoned me after I tried to kill myself'
Over the pond
What The New Census Data Shows About Race Depends On How You Look At It
Ohio’s vaccine lottery saved more than $60m in averted healthcare costs
Chaos at Kabul airport
Covid-19 : neuf fois plus de non-vaccinés sont admis en soins critiques
Odds and ends
A study on dishonesty was based on fraudulent data
Biggest gold medal cash prize: Italy is No.11. Hong Kong is No. 3. Who’s No.1?
Hell’s Apprentice: Enter the 18 Levels of Hell
*If you’re suffering with your mental health and in England — IAPT isn’t in Wales, not sure about NI/Scotland — Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) is a way to self-refer. It kind of works outside the standard NHS process, and can take you just two weeks to see someone. I used the IAPT service when I was terribly unwell a few years ago and it helped a lot to know I didn’t have to wait long to speak to someone. Just Google IAPT and your local authority and you should find the right service.
That’s everything I have for this week!
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