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Fair Warning - Trees, national parks, and city density

Hello! There was no Fair Warning last week because, as it turned out, I had a bit of a breakdown that
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Trees, national parks, and city density
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #90 • View online
Hello! There was no Fair Warning last week because, as it turned out, I had a bit of a breakdown that has been months in the making.
While I realise that a newsletter about data is maybe not the best place to discuss mental health issues, and I have written about it elsewhere before, I feel like it’s so important to talk about publicly and to as many people as possible. You never know who will read, nod along in recognition, and feel less alone.
Anyway, I’ve been given specific instructions to do exercise every day. To that end, I’ve been kayaking, walked 1.5 hours to where Roald Dahl was born, and got on a bike for the first time in 15 years. Oh, and I did my first ever run with my neighbour this morning. While I feel a lot better and really proud of myself, this isn’t going to *solve* much - but it’s a good start to get my confidence back up.

On the home front
Climate change: Tree planting rise 'needs to happen quickly'
This triangle type chart about housing really intrigued me. It took me a while to understand but is quite interesting once you do. If anyone knows what it should be called, let me know. I hope Neil won’t mind me putting it in here:
Over the pond
Trump used words like 'invasion' and 'killer' to discuss immigrants at rallies 500 times
Detailed Maps of the Donors Powering the 2020 Democratic Campaigns
Maps, maps, maps
Stop Using Zip Codes for Geospatial Analysis
What would the world look like if boundaries were drawn by the nearest capital? I love this. It’s somehow satisfying while also being really unsettling. The whole west coast of the US would be Mexico.
How much warmer is your city?
Odds and ends
Inside the Marvel Cinematic Universe
OK, one last thing - a map of the US, projected onto the moon. Bet you never knew you needed THAT in your life, did you?!
That’s everything for this week. Thank you for reading, if you got this far. If you enjoyed it, please forward to others and encourage them to subscribe. If you REALLY enjoyed it or found it useful, please consider supporting me/Fair Warning on Patreon, or if you don’t want the commitment, you can buy me a coffee which is super easy and painless. See you next week!
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