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Fair Warning - The Postal Service, Economic Power, and National Parks

Fair Warning
Fair Warning - The Postal Service, Economic Power, and National Parks
By Soph Warnes • Issue #138 • View online
Not much to say this week other than I am obsessed with Bo Burnham: Inside and I would recommend watching if you’re into what I would say is like… funny, but also incredibly depressing stuff? Smart and incisive but kind of devastating? Don’t all rush to watch it at once.
Here are some random things I found interesting:
  • I kept this Twitter thread link with a note saying “CAVE PAINTINGS ARE FILMS!?” because it really blew my mind.
  • British soldiers in WWII would sometimes dress in drag to keep themselves entertained. These photos are great.
  • “Newspaper graphics have gone downhill” (Important context for non Brits — our health secretary just got caught having an affair on a camera in his office, and so a newspaper made a graphic of the office and where things are…)

Over the pond
DeJoy’s USPS slowdown plan will delay the mail. What’s it mean for your Zip code?
Why More American Women are Delaying Motherhood in their 20s
New Records Show the NYPD’s Favored Punishment: Less Vacation Time
How the G7’s economic power has diminished
Which countries are becoming less peaceful?
Odds and ends
Do women who pose with their art on Reddit get more upvotes?
It feels like a very quiet week, right? That’s literally all I have for you, though I feel like I must be missing something! Where is all the British data journalism!? I’m always looking for stuff but if you’ve seen anything interesting you think I ought to include, feel free to reply to this email. :)
See you next week!
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