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Fair Warning - The late one with all the pets

Fair Warning
Fair Warning - The late one with all the pets
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #91 • View online
Hello! Yes, this is very late (it’s midnight Monday here…) I don’t have a good excuse other than I have been stupidly busy in the last week and I forgot to carve out time to write this (:
After last week’s FW, a lot of people got in touch which was unexpected but really lovely. So thank you. Worth noting you can just reply to this email if you want to message me directly.
This week I went back home for my birthday which I really needed. I got to hang out with my son (cat), nephew (dog), niece (cat), and other nephew (an actual human baby). I miss my boy a lot, and I hardly ever go back home these days, so was nice to see him. I also saw my human family too, but, you know, I can call them on the phone. Seeing the furbabies was the source of inspiration for this newsletter… LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY ARE.

On the home front
Left-wing vs right-wing: it’s complicated
This tweet of the six ways to divide “British accents” (*sees Ireland, looks to camera*) was quite popular/controversial this week. I have the most boring, standard southern English accent and my answers are as follows: Yes, no, yes, yes, no, no.
Stats, Maps n Pix: Constituency cards
This week there was a proposal to increase the retirement age to 75 in future. I thought John Burn-Murdoch’s tweet about this, where he crunched the numbers, was interesting. It’s not just about life expectancy but healthy life expectancy or life without a disability which will of course affect your ability to work.
Over the pond
Could Iowa State Fair attendees name the 2020 Democratic candidates?
Odds and ends
Are Men Singing Higher in Pop Music?
Freddie Starr ate my hamster (the pets bit)
(I was looking for ‘famous phrases’ to do with pets, and this came up and made me laugh. I don’t think anyone outside the UK or anyone born after a certain year will even remember this, but I do!)
Cat Map of Britain: Where's the most cat-crazy place in the UK?
Bad chart of the week
I was sent a pretty bad infographic type thing last week but it wasn’t really a data visualisation so I haven’t included it. You’ll like this one though, I promise. Courtesy of r/dataisugly:
I saw a tweet recently that said so many newsletters don’t remind subscribers who they are etc, so I’ll add a bit about me to each one in future…
I’m Soph, I’m a data journalist from London currently loving the riverside lifestyle in Cardiff. I don’t speak Welsh but I am fluent in meowing and I instinctively stop to talk to random cats in the street. I am notorious for hating pandas, and I enjoy a good map. I write this newsletter because I am nerdy about data and I love pretty data visualisations. And I want to share what I find with other people!
As always, thanks for reading this far! If you enjoyed this, please share with colleagues/friends/family/lovers - if you’ve been sent this, you can sign up here. You can also buy me a coffee to say ‘thank you’ :) or sign up to my Patreon. See you next week!
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