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Fair Warning - The Bumper Coronavirus Edition

Apologies for missing MULTIPLE newsletters. Events overtook and when I got back from the US, I was ex
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - The Bumper Coronavirus Edition
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #107 • View online
Apologies for missing MULTIPLE newsletters. Events overtook and when I got back from the US, I was exiled to my apartment for the good of the realm for a week and a half, which sounded more fun when it was an abstract concept. I wrote about my experience of exile on Medium. Of course I did.
I had an amazing trip to New Orleans and NICAR - it was awesome to see new and familiar faces - but it was sandwiched by bad news either end. My MacBook Pro screen also decided to die, so I’m in the weird position of writing my newsletter… on the sofa, watching my TV. Strange times :)
This edition is exclusively about coronavirus, so if you’re sick of it maybe don’t read (sorry). It’s a really long newsletter too…
Some random stuff to start, as always:

On the home front
Over the pond
To prepare for a spike in coronavirus cases, the US will need more hospital beds
Here's what a massive coronavirus lockdown would look like in the U.S.
About Coronavirus itself
How Coronavirus Hijacks Your Cells
Here’s what coronavirus does to the body
Coronavirus trajectories, case counts
Why outbreaks like coronavirus spread exponentially, and how to “flatten the curve”
2019 coronavirus: The Korean clusters
Coronavirus and the economy
The Workers Who Face the Greatest Coronavirus Risk
Coronavirus Threatens More Than 15 Million U.S. Hospitality Jobs
Stuff for Quarantinees
These aren’t anything to do with data, sorry. Some of these links are practical, and some are just uplifting or inspiring. My friend Andrew is starting a [magazine? Newsletter? Thing?] called Isolation about this very thing and I hope you’ll get involved. There’s also this Coronavirus Tech Handbook document which has a lot of links.
The Digital Concert Hall now free for everyone
Laura Benanti: "Trying to find some bright spots"
Coronavirus Financial Help & Rights
What a weird couple of weeks it’s been. Thanks for reading. Normally at this point I would link to my Ko-fi and Patreon pages but to be honest, I am extremely fortunate in being able to continue to work and many others are struggling. I’d like to suggest donating money to food banks, homeless shelters, etc instead. I’m hoping next week is less virus-y.
Stay healthy and safe and have a good week, all. x
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