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Fair Warning - Subway journeys, Serena Williams, and summer reading

Hi hi hi. It has felt stupidly hot here in Wales, but I can't tell if that's because both my apartmen
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Subway journeys, Serena Williams, and summer reading
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #88 • View online
Hi hi hi. It has felt stupidly hot here in Wales, but I can’t tell if that’s because both my apartment and my office are both very hot with seemingly no relief, or if it’s actually been that hot.
Regardless, I’m really looking forward to heading up to the Lake District tomorrow with five pals. A cottage off the grid, hot tub, board games, and close friends. What more could one ask for? Though it definitely sounds like the start of a horror film, so *if* I survive the week, I’m headed to Blue Dot Festival where I’ll be nerding out all weekend. Thus… No Fair Warning for you next week!

On the home front
Princess Diana is Britain’s most mourned celebrity
Over the pond
Abortion access is more difficult for women in poverty
Man on the Moon
Odds and ends
Net benefits: why Wimbledon’s tennis stars are getting older - and younger
Bad charts of the week
Imagine you were doing a PhD. Imagine it was on a complicated topic, like, say, terrorism. You would hope to have something more dynamic and detailed than, er, this:
Please enjoy Alberto Cairo fairly succinctly raining all over Sebastian Gorka’s parade over his awful graphics. BTW if you don’t know who Gorka is, he’s a monstrous Trump hanger-on who should not be allowed anywhere near the White House, but this is 2019 and we now live in the upside-down, so it sort of makes sense.
Bonus bad chart - I can just picture it now… *man pulls out graph* “Look, TECHNICALLY it’s NOT cheating, Sally, because there’s no intersection between cheating and swinging…”
That’s all this week! If you enjoyed this issue, feel free to forward to friends/family/colleagues. Fair Warning takes me a while to research and write each week, so if you enjoyed this, you can support me/the newsletter through Patreon or buy me a coffee. See you in a couple of weeks!
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