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Fair Warning - Space, US road trips, and heatwaves

Hello! I had an AMAZING time up at the Lake District and then Blue Dot Festival last weekend. I learn
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Space, US road trips, and heatwaves
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #89 • View online
Hello! I had an AMAZING time up at the Lake District and then Blue Dot Festival last weekend. I learned about time travel and space, and saw Kraftwerk and New Order perform.
I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing - Jodrell Bank tracked both US and Soviet space flights during the space race, and tracked Apollo 11 when it landed. If science is your thing, I highly recommend going!
I was going to link a bunch of photos but really the only relevant ones to this newsletter are of me wearing this t-shirt, and these books I bought.
Random but good news! I have finally put the sheep map onto a shirt, so you can buy it and wear it and let everyone know you’re a massive nerd. Here’s the UK version. Here’s the US version. Don’t ask me why I couldn’t just use the same one for both, ask Jeff Bezos.

On the home front
Leasehold houses: Will reforms help in the North of England?
This week I discovered that my fellow Brits are incredibly boring and lacking in any sense of adventure. 48% said they wouldn’t go to the moon even if their safe return was guaranteed. Why? 23% were just “not interested”, and 11% thought there was “not enough to see or do”. WHAT?! IT’S SPACE! YOU CAN LOOK AT EARTH AND MARVEL AT HOW AMAZING THE UNIVERSE IS. OR PLAY SPACE ODDITY IN ACTUAL SPACE.
In case you didn’t notice, there was a ridiculous heatwave in the UK this week (to be honest, I still haven’t experienced a full return to normal temperatures but hey ho) and Dan from the BBC did some number crunching on ice cream vans which provided some light relief. Props to my hometown Enfield. Don’t judge him for not weighting for population though ;)
Over the pond
How 13 Rejected States Would Have Changed The Electoral College
Would you live with a Trump supporter?
Uh, so, I obviously didn’t go to SRCCON in the US but I wanted to take a look through what was going on there and pick up some resources when it ended. I thought these three looked pretty good, particularly the one about percentages and z-scores. The whole list of talks and panels is here, let me know if you find something interesting!
Use These Maps To See How Much Hotter Your City Can Get Because Of “Heat Islands”
Bad chart of the week
That is a ridiculous and misleading chart, and once again Alberto got there before me to label it a “grossly incompetent lying chart”.
Those are all the links I have for you this week. Post-festival cold has almost killed me, I’ve been mildly ill for a while (read this if you’re feeling v nosy), and I’ve just started new medication so I’m currently extremely slow at doing things that involve being awake or thinking. That’s why this is so late in the day… (7pm!?)
But! If you enjoyed this week’s selection of links, consider buying me a coffee, or supporting Fair Warning on Patreon. Or buy an extremely cool but nerdy sheep map shirt created by Yours Truly (links at the top). I’m on Twitter if you want to send me links or have a chat. Otherwise, see you next week!
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