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Fair Warning - SCOTUS, flooding, and vaccine tracking

Last week I sat down to write Fair Warning and I thought "Christ, another week" and then I realised t
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - SCOTUS, flooding, and vaccine tracking
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #119 • View online
Last week I sat down to write Fair Warning and I thought “Christ, another week” and then I realised that I just didn’t have the energy and brainpower to write anything. So I said to myself… No, I Will Not Do The Thing That I Normally Enjoy Doing Every Week On A Strict Deadline Of My Own Choosing — and closed my laptop. And that’s the story of why there wasn’t a Fair Warning last week. :)
Fun things I have learned lately:
  • You can make an em dash on a Macbook by using option shift hyphen and it’s life-changing. Look — at — me — go
  • There’s a Muppets version of Hamilton. I just absolutely lost it — laughter, actual tears, howling — at muppet John Laurens. I recommend My Shot, Satisfied, Stay Alive, and You’ll Be Back for the full experience. [H/T Web Curios]
  • Thandie Newton is badass (kinda thought this; nice to have it confirmed)

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Odds and ends
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The insane news cycles of 2019 - Axios
Maybe I’m lacking in imagination but nothing about/from the UK really stood out for me this week, so this is all I have!
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