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Fair Warning - Sanctions, airspace, and Wordle

Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Sanctions, airspace, and Wordle
By Soph Warnes • Issue #149 • View online
Last night I went axe throwing with some friends which was super fun, and something I wanted to tick off my ‘list’. In January, instead of resolutions, I decided to try one new thing every month. January was a paranormal investigation, February was hot yoga, March was axe throwing, and April will be moving to New York.
Other than a taxidermy class, I don’t have any concrete ideas for the rest of the year so I am looking for interesting/unusual things to try. Bonus if they are specific to NY. If you have an unusual hobby or a fun idea, please share it with me by replying! (NB: Not into small spaces or heights but generally pretty adventurous and open to suggestions as long as they are legal!)

Over the pond
What Redistricting Looks Like In Every State
Investors bought up a record share of homes last year
The war in Ukraine has made Russian social-media users glum
Weapons of the war in Ukraine
Tracking sanctions against Russia
Russia-Ukraine War: Flight Bans Over the World’s Airspace After Putin’s Invasion
Odds and ends
Wordle, 15 Million Tweets Later
Which Countries Feature Women on Banknotes?
That’s everything I have for you this week! Thank you for reading.
As expected, the war in Ukraine has taken priority over other stories. I’ve tried to include a wide range of angles that reporters and editors are taking, but if you saw something particularly interesting, please reply to this and I’ll include it next time.
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