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Fair Warning - Racism, literature, and timey wimey

Hello hello! This week's Fair Warning is brought to you by the realisation that Greggs vegan sausage
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Racism, literature, and timey wimey
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #120 • View online
Hello hello! This week’s Fair Warning is brought to you by the realisation that Greggs vegan sausage rolls are Actually Good (yes, two years late), and that everyone deserves enriching and fulfilling two-way relationships. Good life advice, that.
Things that made me smile this week:
  • If birds had arms
  • If you want to scream into the abyss, this comes quite close (scream into the Icelandic wilderness). Don’t do what I did and open it and forget it’s there, because 20 minutes later you’ll hear a blood-curdling scream from your computer and it’ll scare the life out of you :)
  • Make a tiny ecosystem in an orb (I genuinely spent a while on this, because I am Basic)

Over the pond
Deadliest Mass Shootings Are Often Preceded by Violence at Home
The Race Gap: How U.S. systemic racism plays out in Black lives
Odds and ends
The Physical Traits that Define Men and Women in Literature
The $5 Forests
Data Viz Controversy of the Week
I am extremely tired/have had an emotionally-trying week and I’m not really in the right mood to pick sides or get too invested in this, so you’ll have to decide for yourselves…
Shot (thread about Georgia’s coronavirus cases map) and chaser (blog about why the thread is wrong).
Pretty short edition this week! I hope the links are interesting. :)
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See you next week!
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