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Fair Warning - Passwords, trifectas, and musical politics

Hello hello! I'm writing this on a Saturday night halfway through a can of Rekorderlig so please excu
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Passwords, trifectas, and musical politics
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #97 • View online
Hello hello! I’m writing this on a Saturday night halfway through a can of Rekorderlig so please excuse any typos… ;)
Some non-data things that caught my eye this week:
  • I’m very much enjoying Dan Sinker’s extremely useful and colourful newsletter. I don’t need to frantically try to figure out what everyone on Twitter is angry about anymore.
  • I’m obsessed with Schitts Creek (again) right now, and rewatching the whole thing. I’m slowly trying to convince all my friends to watch it (that includes you, hi)… In the meantime I will never get over how utterly wonderful this scene is [Don’t watch if you haven’t seen season 4!]
  • I had no idea Freddie Prinze Jr could get so passionately angry about Star Wars. In fact, I’ll be honest: I straight up forgot he existed, since the last time I heard his name was around 2002 and involved the Scooby Doo movie.
  • Jared Leto appears to have started a cult(?) and I feel kind of uneasy about it actually.
  • Prince Andrew is, remarkably, still unrepentant about being buddies with Jeffrey Epstein but admits that perhaps staying with a known sex offender was “the wrong thing to do”. The privilege is strong with this one.

On the home front
Half of disability benefits appeals won in tribunal court
The Times did some cool analysis (that looks suspiciously like something I put in the last newsletter), about which towns had been given extra funding. Here are the findings in a nice little graphic:
Over the pond
Democrats are dominating state-level races
Why Obama-Trump swing voters like heavy metal
Australia bushfires: State of emergency
Odds and ends
Visualizing my own post-breakup habit changes
150 years of Nature: a data graphic charts our evolution
In Data Journalism, Tech Matters Less Than the People
How to prepare your data for analysis and charting in Excel & Google Sheets
The Great(er) Bear – using Wikidata to generate better artwork
I said I would try to keep an eye on #30daymapchallenge but it’s been really hard to keep up and people keep submitting similar things so I haven’t found much that’s jumped out at me. But I LOVED this road map of Berlin by names.
Bad chart of the week
Unfortunately I don’t know anything about the provenance of this, but someone tweeted it and it caught my eye… for all the wrong reasons, as you can see:
Why would you make a pie chart *harder* to read?
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