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Fair Warning - One hit wonders, crowds, and obesity

Fair Warning
Fair Warning - One hit wonders, crowds, and obesity
By Soph Warnes • Issue #49 • View online
Hi, I’m back! I have had a few weeks of being really unwell, hence the unexpected absence, but I’m bouncing back. Time for another Fair Warning…

On the home front
BMI and obesity: Where are you on the UK fat scale?
Scotland introduces a minimum price of 50p per unit of alcohol - Daily chart
Over the pond
How a Common Interview Question Fuels the Gender Pay Gap (and How to Stop It)
Odds and ends
How The Economist uses its 12-person data journalism team to drive subscriptions
One-Hit Wonders in Sports
The girl with the strawberry ring
This next tweet is really interesting and definitely demonstrates how the past can have a huge impact on current events (you may need to open it to see the image!):
Xavi Ruiz 🎗
🇹🇩 The map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (1867-1918) overlapping the results of the 2014 presidential elections in Romania

An example of the long term impact of past institutions.
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