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Fair Warning - Jet streams, K-Pop, and the Olympics

Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Jet streams, K-Pop, and the Olympics
By Soph Warnes • Issue #139 • View online
Hi! I did not mean to miss several weeks of Fair Warning. I’ve been really busy trying to prepare to leave the country, seeing my friends as much as I can, and experiencing random chaotic life events as well as self-inflicted ones. I am sorry that I have been gone though.
ANYway, I’m back! Hello! Welcome to new subscribers! This is a really long issue. Sorry/you’re welcome.

Over the pond
Americans say their individual well-being improved in 2020
Two-thirds of Southern Republicans want to secede
The forgotten Olympic sports
Adam Ondra Is the World’s Most Accomplished Climber. He May Not Win an Olympic Medal.
How Good Was That Skateboarder's Kickflip? You Be The Olympic Judge.
Devoured: How China’s Poyang lake was decimated by dredging and sand mining
How countries measure inflation differently with CPI basket weight
Odds and ends
Why is Kpop so popular? How Girls’ Generation, BTS and others conquered the world.
Jeff Bezos in Space: What the 10-Minute Blue Origin Flight Will Be Like
How businesses save thousands by replacing single-use plastic
That’s everything I have for you, and I think I’m all caught up! See you next time.
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