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Fair Warning - Issue #74

Hello! I am back in the UK! Paris was great; I saw lots of bones. This week I learned that dogs poop
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Issue #74
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #74 • View online
Hello! I am back in the UK! Paris was great; I saw lots of bones. This week I learned that dogs poop in alignment with the Earth’s magnetic field. Can’t quite believe someone actually came up with this hypothesis and tested it, but there you go.
Song of the week - Water Guns. I had never heard of it until I had to learn it with my choir for our performance on Saturday.

On the home front
Benefits spending: Five charts on the UK's £100bn bill
Over the pond
L.A. promised more housing for homeless people — but some neighborhoods are way behind
Odds and ends
Economic growth does not guarantee rising happiness
If there was a theme to this week in data vis, it’s racing bar charts. I don’t want to go into it too much because hmmm bandwagon, but here are a few… I like this cities race by John Burn-Murdoch. Then there’s GDP per head for regions. Amount spent on each Premier League squad. Baby names in the UK.
I thought this was cute (source):
Notes: 1) Yes, it’s a Monday and not a Sunday - I have been appallingly busy and I’m still waiting for some much-needed free time. 2) I’ve decided to get rid of the custom subject for this newsletter as that part is often the last thing I do and is weirdly time consuming and I hate it. Let me know if you feel particularly strongly about it either way!
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