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Fair Warning - Infrastructure, War Fronts, and Sustainable Fashion

Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Infrastructure, War Fronts, and Sustainable Fashion
By Soph Warnes • Issue #148 • View online
Hello! This is probably just about the worst week to say “a lot has been happening” in a personal context (as if it matters) but I can finally say I am moving to the US in about eight weeks. There are a lot of complications and I’m not expecting to be able to write FW regularly for a while—my time will be spent saying goodbye to people, preparing to move, then trying to reorganise my life when I do. So… Sorry about that but I have given you… Fair warning. :)
Some random things I’ve enjoyed or thought were interesting:

Over the pond
The long road to electric cars in the U.S.
America’s Power Grid Is Increasingly Unreliable
The military gap between Russia and Ukraine is vast
New Research Points to Wuhan Market as Pandemic Origin
Cyberattacks, Hacks and Misinformation: The Many Fronts of Russia’s Hybrid War in Ukraine
Odds and Ends
The Global Glut of Clothing Is an Environmental Crisis
Mythical Beasts of the United States of America
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