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Fair Warning - Inequality, populism, and battleground Texas

Well, hey there! After a two-week hiatus due to being in New York and then at NICAR in Orange County
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Inequality, populism, and battleground Texas
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #73 • View online
Well, hey there! After a two-week hiatus due to being in New York and then at NICAR in Orange County (I thought it was LA and it turns out I’ve been lying to everyone), I am back, kind of! When you read this I will hopefully be wandering around Paris, but I felt I owed you all and so I wrote this IN ADVANCE. What! Brief write-up of NICAR here but I want it noted that I met some very excellent people while I was in the US too. If that’s you, 👋.
Soundtrack to this week: Depeche Mode (OK, it’s only one song, but it’s the best version of the best song - you lucky things)

On the home front
Right to Buy homes made £2.8m in profit 'in weeks'
Over the pond
Why Texas Is Nearing Battleground Status (It’s Not Just About Beto)
Sometimes you see a thing that you feel like you ought to dislike because it completely disregards convention, but… It somehow just works. This Washington Post feature about fentanyl deaths is a great piece of work on a terrible situation in the US. About halfway down there are small multiple charts that create a map. I think I have seen people attempt to do this before but with this data it’s really effective.
These five maps reveal how transit and geography can shape a city
Odds and ends
Leonardo DiCaprio Refuses to Date a Woman Over 25
Lastly… A quick note to say that if you are a Tableau user then you may want to enter into the Iron Viz Europe competition. For which I am a guest judge! Get your entries in before April 7th. I’m excited to see what people come up with.
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