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Fair Warning - Hurricane maps, Siberian wildfires, and HIV

Well hello there. I got super busy last week and didn't have time to put together a newsletter. This
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Hurricane maps, Siberian wildfires, and HIV
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #93 • View online
Well hello there. I got super busy last week and didn’t have time to put together a newsletter.
This week I did what I think in technical terms is called Absolutely Smashing It and did a 5k parkrun, made a new parkrun PB, broke multiple Strava records, and I did it in ridiculous glasses [CW: this is a link to a tweet of my face]. I’m pleased.
Unfortunately this is going to be the last newsletter for a few weeks (so it’s a bumper one ^_^) because I’m going away for a bit. Good news for Patrons is I’ve paused payment for this month so don’t worry about paying and not getting anything.
Lastly - I have a question for you. If you were starting out learning data journalism, what would you want to know? Please contribute to the discussion on Twitter or reply to this email.

On the home front
What happened this week, uh… Who knows, really?
How Corporate Britain Hides Thousands of Sex Discrimination Cases
Over the pond
Here’s Who Owns the Most Land in America
Those Hurricane Maps Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean
Mapping the strain on our water supply
Wildfires: The fury of summer in Siberia
Maps of Amazon fires show why we’re thinking about them wrong
In China, bad research can be worth gold
Odds and ends
I Visited 47 Sites. Hundreds of Trackers Followed Me.
Drowning in plastic
Tutorials and learning resources
A ggplot2 Tutorial for Beautiful Plotting in R
Bad chart of the week
Well, there are two. I’m putting this one here because I think it’s poking fun at pie charts, and also I love Shakespeare:
I *hope* this wasn't done sincerely
I *hope* this wasn't done sincerely
A genuinely bad chart here from that is confusing because there are three dimensions that need plotting (time, area, percent) and it’s been presented in a weird way that isn’t easy to read. What are we meant to take from this? Because all I see is the area with the highest % of immigrants, but I suspect the story is about the time period in which people emigrated, ie more people before 1981, with it increasing in recent years.
So that’s the end of the bumper edition. I’ll be back in a few weeks so hopefully this will be enough to tide you over until then :)
As always, thanks for subscribing and reading - if you enjoyed it, please forward to others or encourage them to subscribe. You can also buy me a coffee or sign up as a Patron to say thanks.
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