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Fair Warning - House prices, bagels, and football

Fair Warning
Fair Warning - House prices, bagels, and football
By Soph Warnes • Issue #137 • View online
Hello! It’s been a weird couple of weeks — the US embassy cancelled all visa appointments in 2021, and I didn’t know how to take the news that I might be in Wales another year. I almost wouldn’t mind but I can’t even go to the US to see friends and colleagues while I’m waiting for my visa — I normally try to visit once a year.
My mentality has changed a bit to take it in my stride, but in my darker moments I resent being stuck here and feel like I’ll never move. I even started selling my stuff in preparation for moving… More fool me for being optimistic I suppose! 🤦‍♀️
I’m biased but reckon this is a solid Fair Warning, so let’s dive on in!

On the home front
How Wales leads the world in the Covid-19 vaccine race
Map of Shakespeare's Britain
Over the pond
NYC Mayor Race: Ranked-Choice Ballot Explained, With Bagels
Will Housing Prices Go Down? Why It Costs So Much to Build A New House
Counting the cost in Gaza
Covid-19 Deaths This Year Have Already Eclipsed 2020’s Toll
Odds and ends
Non-white footballers played better when stadiums were empty during the pandemic
How Do Animals Safely Cross a Highway? Take a Look.
Euro 2020: Live bracket and the latest scores and stats
💡 Inspiration
An Artist's Portrait of His Spanish Hometown Bilbao
That’s all I have for ya! See you next week! As always, you’re welcome to get in touch by replying to this email. [Be aware I am terrible at responding. I don’t know if it helps to know that me not replying is not a personal thing, but it’s true.]
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