Fair Warning

By Soph Warnes

Fair Warning - Gendered words, duplicitous groundhogs, and declining English





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Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Gendered words, duplicitous groundhogs, and declining English
By Soph Warnes • Issue #146 • View online
I started writing a summary of 2021 and how much it has sucked and then I thought nah, I will post it on Medium instead. It’s not all misery, I promise. I leave 2021 with optimism that life will get going at some point in 2022.
Some random things on the internet that have delighted me lately:

On the home front
How the UK trails its European neighbours for hospital capacity
Boris Johnson is set to preside over the lowest income growth during any parliament on record
The United Kingdom here, really living up to the Miserable Rainy Island nickname. Really making me glad I am stuck here.
Over the pond
Can You Gerrymander Your Party to Power? Draw Your Own Districts.
Biden, who pledged to diversify the Supreme Court, has already made progress on lower courts
Europe burns a controversial ‘renewable’ energy source: trees from the U.S.
Odds and ends
(Arguably the best bit of the newsletter if we’re honest)
Groundhogs Do Not Make Good Meteorologists
When Women Make Headlines
What Spotify data show about the decline of English
That’s everything for this week. Let me know what you think! Have I missed any really fun stories or do you have something you want to share? Reply to this email or tweet me. I have historically been terrible at replying to people but I do read everything and appreciate people getting in touch. Unless you email me something weird. Please don’t email me weird stuff. Thanks!
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