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Fair Warning - Evictions, elections, and... elephant seals

Hello hello! This is later than intended as I was distracted by going for my Couch to 5K graduation r
Fair Warning
Fair Warning - Evictions, elections, and... elephant seals
By Sophie Warnes • Issue #101 • View online
Hello hello! This is later than intended as I was distracted by going for my Couch to 5K graduation run, celebrating a friend’s 30th, and recovering from a rubbish week. But hooray for graduation run!
Some non-data stuff I found interesting this week:

On the home front
General election 2019: How Labour's 'red wall' turned blue
Lots of visualisations about the election out this week (obviously) but I really really loved this map by The Times. It is so simple, so elegant, so easy to understand! Yeah, I love it.
But then… There was this graph, again by The Times, and I struggled to understand it (why bother with two different shades for each party, when there’s no need to distinguish between seat lost/won, and surely the story is about vote share?). It’s not bad enough to be a “bad chart of the week” but I definitely raised an eyebrow at it.
Over the pond
Ring’s Hidden Data Let Us Map Amazon's Sprawling Home Surveillance Network
All the wrong places: A plurality of Americans—but not of states—want Donald Trump impeached
Philadelphia pharmacies loved OxyContin — until suddenly they didn’t
Odds and ends
Tour Honolulu's Japanese Food Scene With This 1906 Map
Using data to determine if Die Hard is a Christmas movie
Bad chart of the week
With thanks to Alberto Cairo for tweeting this one… We are absolutely not doing stacked parliament charts. Nope. Not happening.
Is now a good time for me to suddenly realise that if I moved to the US I’d need to switch around “on the home front” and “over the pond”? That would be confusing, I guess.
That’s aaaaall I have for you this week. I’ll be back in 2020 with more interesting data stories and links. In the meantime, if you’ve enjoyed reading Fair Warning this year (even if you just click the links and don’t read my ramblings - that’s totally fine too!) then you can buy me a coffee to say thanks. You can also become a Patron which means you support FW/me on a monthly basis. The coffee is less commitment and I love a cappuccino :)
Have an amazing Christmas / festive break, whatever you’re doing.
Soph x
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